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Gifs and videos stop playing after first frame

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Problem seems to be limited specifically to Firefox; Chrome, Edge, IE and Safari don't have the problem at all. Example of problem; Any video or gif image on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, imgur, etc... will look as though it's going to play, and move from the starting frame to the second frame. It will then fail to proceed any further. Pausing the video and restarting it only plays the first frame again, reloading the page does nothing. I have tried: - Refreshing the page - Clearing my cache, cookies and entire browsing history - Closing Firefox and opening it again - Killing the Firefox process in Taskmanager and starting fresh - Starting in Safe Mode with all addons/plugins disabled (nothing changed) - Disabling hardware acceleration through about:config (because the option doesn't appear to exist in standard menu anymore?) - Refreshing Firefox - Restarting my computer

I don't really want to reinstall if I can get away with it, nor do I want to reinstall Windows for such a trivial problem (and it shouldn't be suggested, really.)

I work as an IT Tech Support, so I'm open to fairly complex operations, but I'm stumped as to why Firefox and Firefox alone won't play videos, and can't think of anything other than drastic operations to attempt a fix. Is there a better way of diagnosing the problem I'm perhaps not aware of?

Anywho, would appreciate your help. Talk nerdy to me.

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Slight update; BBC News videos have the same problem of only getting to the second frame, but at least the progress bar moves, and I can select different frames (of which, only the frame immediately after the one I select is played), but the video never moves without my assistance and there's no sound.

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Further discovery; after having mirrored the disk to another (just to make sure it wasn't a disk caching problem), I found that it starts right after the machine has been put to sleep using the Windows "Sleep" feature. Firefox does not agree with "sleep". So, having found the cause, does anybody know what the potential issue is, and how to fix it?