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How to report a bug?

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Upon a windows update, my taskbar gets stuck. I just found out today it was because of Firefox! Firefox was trying to display my sign in box for me to enter my master password. However, I heard and confirmed that the entire time, my laptop was not even signed into upon reboot from the Windows update, it was playing YouTube the entire time! I had not even logged back i to Windows let ALONE Firefox and that sound was playing all night long! I thought I was going crazy! My ear buds are plugged in so the sound was not direct for me to figure out where it was coming fro right away. Also it appears to have failed to render a sanity test? Maybe that is important too?

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You can report bugs on But it would be better to have a confirmation of the bug on a different computer and to provide some steps to reproduce.

Can you reproduce the bug in a safe mode?