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Are Firefox and Aptana divorced?

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Hello. I have been trying to get the Firefox debugger to hook up with the Aptana editor. The instructions that I have are obsolete. The link http://firefox.aptana.com/update/ is supposed to automatically download the extension. It just takes me to a search engine results page full of links that barely touch on the subject. I also found out the Firebug has been deprecated.

Question: Are Firefox and Aptana divorced? Is there still a way to combine the Aptana editor to the Firefox debugger?

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Hi, I would think so as it was a Extension and no sign of it there. No sign of it anywhere other than 1 site which showed the interface and was HTML 4.1 was the last it did. Might be interested in the below.

You can run this and Firefox at the same time but do backup your bookmarks and Profile as it shares you bookmarks even though there is a compatibility mode after installing.

It is also in continual beta release

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Not sure if on Developer or another release.

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The WebExtensions API in Firefox 57+ allows some integration/supplementation of developer tools, but the older extensions would need to be rewritten.

Built-in debugger: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Tools/Debugger

API status: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Extending_the_developer_tools

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So, basically what this means is: Yes they are divorced and there is no way integrate the two. I guess this means I’m SOL when it comes to Aptana.

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Hi GailRoma, maybe you should check with Aptana on what is going on now in case there has been a reconciliation.

If they were previously integrating through Firebug, that old door definitely was closed.

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Basically, this is where I stand at this moment.

I have the following editors that won’t debug: • Dreamweaver • Notepad++ • Aptana Studio

I have the following debuggers that won’t edit: • Firefox Developers Edition • MS Edge

The only comprehensive Editor/Debugger that I’ve found is Microsoft Developer’s Studio. It is free, but it is so big (32gb) that it would cost me $230.00 to download it.

A lesser man might be discouraged by now.

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Hi, what is it your trying to debug.  ? You have shown HTML as well as for other types.

Google has a program as does the Developer

Should be able to get these running in Firefox with the foxify extension :

Has a Firefox installer

Debugging or checking code uploading or from URL : HTML : https://validator.w3.org/ CSS : https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

If I can find stuff you can.

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https://www.google.com/webdesigner/ Would guess it does not debug but has been a long time since looked at it.