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why is firefox infected again, after a clean reinstall with hostingcloud.science carrying JS:Miner worm, using Malwarebytes and Avast

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Browsing with Firefox takes my pc to hostingcloud.science infected with JS:Miner [trj] I have worked with Malwarebytes Support to get rid of it, to no avail, unless I use a vpn with Avast. I have seen this exploit discussed by other users. When will Firefox find a solution? I have reinstalled, cleaned, scanned, etc to no avail. the only thing that is currentlyl working is using Avast vpn browsing from a different country than my own. Please help, thanks

edited email address from public and search/spam bots view as nobody here does replies by email.

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HI, Please remove your personal info this is a public forum and will get spammed and or bots.

You are usually already infected and when Firefox makes a update it gets loose.

Firefox/Mozilla is not a Malware company and it does not make fixes for these things. It does make referrals to Malwarebytes and other sites.

Avast is not that great of a program and no also owns AVG.

You can get Microsoft Security Essentials which is what is installed on Windows 10 from Microsoft. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=5201

Give this a try, it is very powerful so google before delete or go to the program forum or the forum of this URL

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Firefox 62.0 downloads (out since Sept 5th) from say www.mozilla.org/firefox/all and internal updates are not infected. If your claim was true it would have been a very hot topic here and elsewhere.

However the en-US Win64 Firefox 62.0 is giving a false-positive with Antiy-AVL again on https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/cc804a9a1d71fd9f2f2b3a156eba9765737110cf5b69189940eceef8739312db/detection yet Antiy-AVL is green with French Win64 Firefox 62.0 at https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/6156dc3d018ceb966ed1de4994d337bc87e17032291e35933d2af15e3a09a1d7/

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How can I remove my email address? I agree, bad idea. I have been working all day with Malwarebytes pro, head malware technicians. They haven't solved it yet. Done scans with other virus software. Am well aware if Bleeping computer site. They have been great in the past in coaching me to remove a Trojan. Btw, I am running windows 7, with the latest updates. Thanks for your reply, anyway, any further ideas please let me know. There are Chrome users experiencing this as well. Opera works well,as it has a VPN. Brave is also open to this exploit. Running my VPN on Avast is the only work around so far. But vpn slows down my fibre connection. Thanks again, for reaching out.

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Thanks for removing my email address. Made a mistake, thought this was a support page, not a forum HOT NEWS! my tech support guys came in today and changed out my Router. It was infected with the exploit discussed here. The only way around it was using OPera vpn, or Avast vpn Both Malwarebytes and avast were doing a good job detecting the trojan, but couldn't delete is as it was on my router, and attaching to Firefox for outgoing browsing, making most sites look unsafe and being stopped by Avast or malwarebytes..

hostingcloud.science infected with the trojan JS:Miner [trj] is now dead.

Check for exploits in your routers, folks, and get new ones. The old ones are vulnerable, Thanks to Julia, Malware specialist at Malwarebytes for all her patient help with this 2 day fight. Bit Coin and other currency Miners are desperate to use fast computers, don't let a faulty router cause problems. Thanks, everyone!

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Hi, Ya, is sorta misleading. But....try the link to Rougekiller in my 1st post. Is hosted at beeping but also has it's own website. I bought a lifetime is good.

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Ok, will try rouge killer. Years ago Kaspersky was good until things got political

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Just to let you know, Avast/AVG is not cutting it. It also can be the problem.

adapterDescription: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti adapterDescription2: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 driverDate: 9-13-2015 driverDate2: 5-26-2015

Also just letting you know there is a error in your Video Card Drivers. Not a large issue at all as everything after is working : featureLog: {u'fallbacks': [{u'message': u'Unsupported by driver', u'name': u'NO_CONSTANT_BUFFER_OFFSETTING'}], u'features': [{u'status': u'available', u'description':

Do not think we know what that means. It is just in your Video Card Driver info which if not fixed, yes does cause issues with Firefox.

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Hello everyone, The issue was an infected router. Mine was three years old. Avast did a great job of stopping it, so did Malwarebytes, but I increasingly couldn't browse anywhere, as my machine was directed to route through a site called hostingcloud.science Avast said it was infected with JS: Miner [TRJ]

Both Avast and Malwarebytes kept indicating that every site I went to was dangerous. Even every day google stuff got stopped. The tech support at Malwarebytes identified that my browsers and some software had become contaminated, and needed to be uninstalled. The only browser that worked was Opera browser with its vpn, and installing a VPN from Avast worked also while running Brave browser. Ultimately replacing my router then cleaning my machine has solved the problem. Firefox was jammed up more than the other browsers on my machine. So it the virus software was doing its job. It was the modem ultimately that was trying to turn my computer into a Miner for Bitcoin, or similar crypto currency. Thank you everyone, for your suggestions and ideas. Check your router for vulnerabilities. It has taken a while to figure this out.

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Hi, Great News ! Must be a Happy Camper now. We really sometimes forget the Router that is for sure.

Could you please Mark your Reply as the Solution to the problem left upper corner of Reply so that others can find the solution. Thanks and Happy Browsing.

Please give a thought to these. ( I run them)

Most important thing is to do this :