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CloudFlare keeps repating browser check on Mozilla Firefox

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I have trouble accessing some websites where is CloudFlare protection. It keeps repeating and repeating check of browser and it never ends. Example of website which don't work: https://ddlcmods.fun/ . My computer was completely reinstalled week ago to Windows 10 and Firefox is fresh too so there can't be problems with them. I was googling it and found that can be problem with time zones which I tried to change and no luck. Also something with DNS where I don't try because I'm afraid of doing something wrong. And I tried same website with Windows edge, there was no problem, it successfully passed check. I hope for fast response. Here is screenshot of problem below.

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UP, Still need help on this, please? :(

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KaiminsLV said

UP, Still need help on this, please? :(

There's only 3 reasons i can think of, for the cloudflare checking:

1. The sites have implemented Cloudflare's "Im under attack" mode. (Sites you have mentioned so far, all have "Im under attack" mode turned ON) 2. You have installed an extension in Firefox that alter/randomize your User Agent. 3. You have installed a malicious addon, that sends automated unsolicited requests.

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