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Have tried every method, preferences are not saving.

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Here is my issue, for the past week, I've noticed that firefox is now suggesting bookmarks for search, using google as my default search engine, (bing is what I use) and not saving any of the preferences Ive changed. I tried refreshing firefox, uninstalling, reinstalling, deleting the preferences.js file so it creates a new one, making sure user/preferences.js files are not read only, etc etc the whole lot of it. But STILL it defaults to the mozilla google search homepage, uses google in my search bar, and wont save any of the preferences. The only addons Ive installed (aside from kaspersky by virtue of having the AV installed) are no script and ghostery. I have NEVER had these issues before. please help!

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What is the default search engine?

What settings do you keep and which aren't kept?

The location bar drop down list can show history items as well as bookmarked pages and websites currently opened in tabs. You can set what suggestions to show when you enter an URL in the location/address bar in "Options/Preferences > Privacy":

  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Location Bar: When using the location bar, suggest:

    Open tabs