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How to restore offline Web Content and user data???

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I was having a problem in which I kept getting a popup that said "weekly occupational advice" every time I opened firefox but it would be just be a small black popup window. It was suggested to me that it may be malware and that I should reset firefox, so I did by following firefox's support page on reseting. When it reset it said it would save cookies,bookmarks etc. After reseting my tabs were even restored and bookmarks were there also but I had a sinking feeling about my etextbook that I had previously saved for offline use from coursesmart. When I checked "Offline Web content and User Data" under firefox's advanced option setting, it said (is saying) 0 bytes of disk space used and now my offline textbook that I saved is gone!!

In the space where it says "the following websites are allowed to save data for offline use" is now empty, whereas previously it said the course smart website address.

My history is still there, and I can see that I opened the offline textbook a few days ago but now it doesn't open.

Please help. My offline textbook is allowed to be downloaded in an offline setting in only ONE browser and since it was only on firefox, I am not able to access it offline in other browsers. :(

As a side note: my addons are also somehow deleted, because I had Adblock and Dictionary and now those are not present.

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I'm afraid that data stored in the cache location (about:cache) is gone as only the main profile folder in AppData\Roaming is moved to the desktop as "Old Firefox Data" and not the cache location in AppData\Local You would have to check if you can undelete this folder and its data, but I think that chances are not very high (binary data and complicated data structure).

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Oh. I was afraid of this happening. Do you happen to know specifically which folder or location of the file I would tell recuva to search? Because searching the entire computer would take far too long. And actually I'm not quite sure which file I would be searching for. Just the one that has my coursesmart textbook's name in it? I'm not sure.

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The default location for the cache folders is here:

  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile>\

An extra problem is that a reset deletes the original random name of the profile folder, so it may not be obvious what folder to restore if you have reset Firefox more than once ()the time stamp may help.

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I've only reset that one time and that's when the problem occurred. I'm not sure if Firefox resets every time I close the browser because I have opened and closed it multiple times. I used recuva to recover most of the files that have the time stamp I needed. Recuva suggested that I store the files in an external drive so I saved the files on my USB.

Now I'm not sure what to do next. Do I somehow try to open the files using Firefox ?

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shalp do you have a folder called Old Firefox Data in your desktop?

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There are a lot of files in it and I'm not sure what I would be looking for to find the offline text book I had.

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What files did you restore?

Were you able to restore the OfflineCache folder?

You would have to copy the files to the location of the currently used profile folder. See the about:cache page for the file path of the disk cache.

Keep in mind that clusters used by a file may have been reused and that files that were reported as being restored successfully may be corrupted.

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There was no offlinecache folder when I last saw it. :S I restored all of the files that had the time stamp of when I actually downloaded the offline textbook. Some files though were unrecoverable from that day so I'm not sure if they would've been the files I needed.

I'm trying to find the location for the 'disk' which it says is in cache2 folder in the profile folder. But apparently this folder doesn't exist. For disk it says C:\User\Owner...\Profile\...\cache2

And I also can't find 'appcache' which it says is in OfflineCache folder in the profile.

Since I am not locating the currently used profile folder I don't know where to put the files I recovered.

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Make sure to look in AppData\Local for those files. You would first have to undelete the previously used profile folder in that location