Re-enable add-ons that were disabled when updating Firefox

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Having add-on problems? Starting in Firefox version 57, only extensions built using WebExtensions APIs will work. Not sure if your add-ons are affected? See Firefox add-on technology is modernizing and these Frequently Asked Questions for details.

When you update Firefox, it automatically checks your add-ons and updates them to compatible versions when possible. If an add-on can't be updated and is no longer compatible, Firefox turns it off. This article shows you how to update those add-ons and get them working again.

Incompatible - Win
Note: If an add-on is disabled and displays a message, (Add-on name) could not be verified for use in Firefox see Add-on signing in Firefox.

Check for new versions of your add-ons

Firefox checks for new versions of your add-ons once a day and updates them automatically. You can manually check for new versions at any time.

  1. Click on the menu button new fx menu to expand the menu panel.
  2. Click Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager page will open.
  3. Click Add-on Tools Icon on the Add-ons Manager page and select Check for Updates. If Firefox finds updates, they will be downloaded automatically.
    Extension Update Win 1
  4. Click the "Restart now to complete installation" link if prompted.
    Extension Update Win 2

Search for updates on the add-on's website

Some add-on makers have different versions of their add-on for different versions of Firefox so updating through the Add-on Manager doesn't work. In this case, an update might be available on the add-on's website.

  1. In the Add-ons Manager tab, find the incompatible add-on on the list. Click on the More link to see more information about that add-on, and then click on the link next to Homepage. You will be taken to the home page for that add-on.
  2. Download the latest version of the add-on from the add-on home page.
Note: If there isn't a version of the add-on available that works, it might help to contact the makers of the add-on while you are on their website.

Search for alternatives

There may be other add-ons with similar features that are compatible with your version of Firefox. The Add-ons site is a good place to find alternatives.

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