How do you use Leanplum in Firefox?

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Leanplum is a mobile marketing vendor. Some of our mobile products use Leanplum to test different features and experiences, as well as provide customized messages and recommendations to improve your experience. For example, Leanplum helps us customize messages by country and locale, change onboarding so that we can perform A/B testing, or provide contextual hints that helps users explore product features.

The list of our mobile products using Leanplum is here.

The Leanplum open source software development kit (SDK) is built into our mobile products and data is sent to Leanplum, which is based in the USA. You can also learn more at their privacy policy.

What data is collected and sent to the Leanplum backend?

Leanplum issues random uuids per app and does not receive the DeviceID, AdvertisingID, or Firefox client ID.

Interaction data

Leanplum tracks events such as when a user loads bookmarks, opens new tab, opens a pocket trending story, clears data, saves a password and login, takes a screenshot, downloads media, interacts with search URL or signs into a Firefox Account.

Technical data

Leanplum receives data such as country, timezone, language/locale, operating system and app version.

For more details see the documentation for iOS and Android.

How do I prevent data from being sent to the Leanplum backend?

You can change the “send usage data” control in the settings menu. See here for instructions.

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