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Textexpander in Google Sheets adds a line break upon expansion in Firefox

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I've come across a problem with using Textexpander in Google Sheets in Firefox.

Say I have a snippet that expands to =INDEX(B2:B,MATCH("green",A2:A,0),1)

Now if I expand that by just typing the abbreviation shortcut, i.e. gs.index, it gets expanded, but has a line break before it within the cell so it doesn't get recognised as a formula. I have to manually delete the line break out.

However, if I use the global keyboard shortcut to search for the snippet and select it from the list, when entered, it goes into the cell without a preceding line break and gets registered as a formula.

Is there anyway to overcome this issue that you know of? I'm using Firefox 85.0.2, mainly because I'm on High Sierra and Safari cannot be updated beyond 13.1.2. Incidentally, I don't get this problem when using Safari.

I've raised this with the guys at Smile Software too, but asking here as it does seem to be a Firefox-specific issue.


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In late 2019/early 2020, there was a known problem where deleting the contents of a Sheets cell caused a line break character to be injected into it: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1272896

That was supposed to have been fixed long ago, but maybe there's a subtle difference with TextExpander that still triggers that issue?

What if you type =gs.index -- do you get:

  • double == at the beginning of the cell
  • = then line break then =
  • nothing, TextExpander ignores it

I see Smile has a Windows version I could trial, but one never knows whether Windows and Mac software will behave the same.

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Hi there. Thanks for taking the time. Apologies, I did try a search for Google Sheets but didn't unearth this issue.

As per the above, if I type =gs.index, Textexpander doesn't come into play and GS just accepts it which results in #NAME? being displayed as GS doesn't recognise the range.

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I was hoping to find time to test TextExpander, but haven't yet. Sorry!