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Random Crashes

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I've been having some random crashes of Android FF Beta on android 4.2.1

The crashes seem to happen on a wide-range of websites, with no particular causes. Looking at the about:crashes, it doesn't seem to be a specific reason in the crash report. For example, one of the latest crash reports is 824965b4-3b0f-4a81-846f-d7c062140117.

Any idea what could be causing these problems? Thanks!

Adding link to crash report: https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/824965b4-3b0f-4a81-846f-d7c062140117

Изменено Andrew

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Could you please provide with device brand and model? Also, is Firefox for Android (regular version) working properly?

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Hi Andrew,

My device is a BLU life play.

I've been comparing FF beta and FF regular version. It looks like everything works fine until I enable sync in either of the versions then the crashes will start.

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Hi rps, Thank you for reporting this crash, is this device your main device? If you you re add the device to the sync account what are you doing right before the crash? and if you only have sync on one of the browser for example if sync only attached to beta and not the other, does it continue to crash?

The reason why I was asking is because the crash has a heap stack deleting right before that us either java or related to a bug reported playing video. If we can find the steps reproduce this on your device we can inform the bug.

Изменено guigs

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After further investigation, the crash reports have an OOM (out of memory error). If this is only happening when you have sync enabled it may be sync taking the memory. Tyler helped me out with this one.

The interface was running libxul.so and crashed when it ran out of memory. If you look at the modules of that list there are some deleted libxul.so.

If after reinstalling and re-adding the device still causes crashes, we can open up a bug.