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Pictures not downloading with articles or stories.

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When I open an email that has link to a story, the pictures associated with the article do not download and appear within the file. When I was using Chrome, they downloaded. How do I reset Firefox to download the pictures, or do I go back to Chrome?

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Hi tvpilot, If I understand correctly:

You click a link in an email, and Firefox opens the page on the linked website. However, the images that should appear in that page are missing, not displayed on screen.

In other words, this isn't a problem with downloading/saving the page to your computer, but viewing it in Firefox in the first place. Or is it??

Images do not display on screen

As a starting point, could you review the scenarios in this article and indicate whether any of them are relevant: Fix problems that cause images to not show.

Images do not appear in a saved page opened from disk

When you use the "Save Page As..." feature, by default Firefox will use the "Web page, complete" option. That should include a companion folder of files used in the page, so you would have:

  • my page title.htm
  • my page title_files

Do you have that? Make sure you don't save "Web page, HTML only" if you want the companion folder.

Some users have reported issues in Firefox 65 with this function not working as expected. One said changing .htm to .html at the time of saving solved the problem. The other had to save twice to get all the bits and pieces. However, I don't think we had enough reports to sort out what was going on there.

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The images still do not display. I'd really like to have someone talk me through the process of changing settings.

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