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How to login to firefox

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I get this error : The confirmation email we sent to ***.com was returned and we’ve locked your account to protect your Firefox data.If this is a valid email address, let us know and we can help unlock your account.

Issue is: i had an account with my old gmail, and that account got deleted. Now i am unable to login to firefox with that email, even though i remember the password of my firefox account.

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Mozilla is divided into several separate support/service areas. What are you trying to access?

I called an administrator. Please wait

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Trying to login to sync Firefox account and password.

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Resetting the sync password, or changing its e-mail, will remove all data from the servers.

This is a security feature. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/ive-lost-my-firefox-sync-account-information

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FredMcD said

I called an administrator. Please wait
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Hi folks, I understand that you are trying to access a Firefox Sync account that was created with an email that no longer exists. This one is tricky. You must have access to the email account in order to access the reset process.

I am sorry we cannot help. The best next steps will be to remove the account from the current profile, then create a new account with an email you do have access to, then sync the devices that were previously attached to the account.

Since Sync is not a back up service, all of the profiles that are on the locale devices will be synced on the new account.

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Also, when you do create a new account with a working email, add as second one to it for back up. Add Secondary Email Address to Firefox Accounts.