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There is no "manage account" option for sync on any of my devices, and I can't set up any new sync devices. How do I fix this?

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Since none of my devices have a "manage account" selection under Sync (or Sync set up), there's no way to get or reset my recovery key. I only see "Set up Firefox sync" and "Pair a device". Everything else leads to a dead end without access to a recovery key or being able to manage the account.

Since none of my devices have a "manage account" selection under Sync (or Sync set up), there's no way to get or reset my recovery key. I only see "Set up Firefox sync" and "Pair a device". Everything else leads to a dead end without access to a recovery key or being able to manage the account.

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The Sync Recovery Key isn't sent to Mozilla, only the user has their Recovery Key.

Do you still have the PC / Device where you originally sey up Sync?

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hello, when you only see "Set up Firefox sync" and "Pair a device" on your devices it means that firefox sync hasn't been set-up up there yet...

How do I set up Sync on my computer?

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The Sync Recovery Key isn't sent to Mozilla, only the user has their Recovery Key.

Do you still have the PC / Device where you originally sey up Sync?

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Hi imaigar

You first need to set up a sync account to be able to manage that account.
If you have ever used Sync before then you need to use the second button "I have an account". Otherwise you need to create a new Sync account via the first button.

If Sync is already set up on another computer then you can use the 12-character code to pair a new device and enter the code on the other computer.

Both devices need to be online at the same time if you want to pair a device with the (3x4) 12-character code.
Sync needs to be set up and working on at least one (desktop) computer, so you can enter the 12-character code, provided by the device (computer) that you want to pair, in three fields to pair a device on the computer that has a working Sync setup.

Enter all details like the account name (email address) and password and the 26-character Sync key manually to connect to an existing sync account instead of using the 12-character code to pair a device if pairing isn't possible.

  1. open "Tools > Options > Sync" or "Firefox > Set Up Sync"
  2. click "Set Up Firefox Sync" to go to "Firefox Sync Setup"
  3. click "I Have an Account" : Connect
  4. click "I don't have the device with me" at the bottom to enter the account settings (email, password, sync key)
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Mozilla, you are making this more difficult but making it cyclic it keeps going back without resolving the issue here. I have a Desktop which is the mail account for Firefox, when I try to ad a device it asks for the recovery key which does not show on the "setup sync" GUI at all. whats the issue here ?

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When Set Up Sync shows in the menu, it means that Sync isn't set up on that computer. You need to retrieve the Recovery Key from a computer where Sync is already set up or use the Pairing feature to set up Sync.

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I have the key and copied from my email which I sent from the desktop, when I enter the password and username (from the Mozilla password manager), and key it says "invalid username or password.

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Can you log in to your Sync account?

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The point of Sync is to help users retrieve their data in case something happens to their device. As it stands, Sync is completely useless unless you already have something paired. AND at least one previously synced device still paired and able to sync.

Since the account is password protected and the connection is encrypted, there is no need to encrypt the data with the key as well. If you are really paranoid, then okay, have a hidden key saved to a device (i.e. PC), but they way it is managed is IMPOSSIBLE to use:

  1. An user uploads encrypted data from 1 (one) device to server.
  2. This user resets Firefox (for aurora/nightly, it happens often).
  3. The user is unable to retrieve data saved on server due to lack of key!

If the purpose is to maintain a backup and/or the same set data for several devices then I'm fairly sure most people would agree that is would be safe to assume that you should be able to get your own data back once uploaded. However, in these types of situations there is no second device to get a recovery key. Even if it is paired, it will lose sync if the settings are set for the primary client to upload and overwrite (i.e. in the case of PC and a mobile devices, PC is primary and overwrites mobile's data, mobile loses sync managment, PC client is reset, POINTLESS and USELESS sync.)

Why can't you have it simple public/private key exchange? Why do you need such a long 12digit code to pair? completely unnecessary when you think about it for a moment

The only options in this situation is to delete the data and start over! But that defeats the purpose of Syncing!

Let me reiterate: the purpose of Sync is to backup your data incase something fails (e.g. browser reset, PC OS reinstall). If you cannot retrieve the data that is backed up unless you have a second device paired, then that method of backup is POINTLESS!

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Syncing is currently about sharing data between multiple devices and isn't meant to be used as a backup device to restore data in case of problems.
For backup you can do this locally like was required before Sync existed.

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Look, of course, we can use local profile backup to save the data.

However, the way other applications have it configured, you can also use their sync to share data between computers or devices WITHOUT such a complicated pairing mechanism... so tedious to the point that it is usually USELESS because of scenarios like I just mentioned: 1) You reset your browser on PC. 2) Your mobile (which memory is sketchy anyways) loses sync also (sometimes mine loses it for some reason because of VPN or other connection issues; other times due to updates; other times moving data from card to mobile memory and vice versa)

3) No choice but to delete and start over! No way to access data uploaded. 4) Website for sync only allows you to delete data or reset password. VERY limited function. (e.g.) You can do this by pressing 1 or something sent to an AIM service bot.

What do you do with the data that is on the server? Is it not still useful inormation? I have the password, I have a (supposedly) secure connection through the browser, and I have an e-mail account to verify. Why must I go pair another device only to find my data has already been deleted? (recovery key mechanism is misleading!)

This is ridiculous, and to be honest, I find your answer disrespectful because you're obviously being condescending by giving me links to profile backup... (I've been using local backups for decades, thanks, but I don't need those links. ) I'm not asking whether or not we can save the data locally. I'm asking why is the data on the server USELESS unless one of our devices stays synced (which hasn't been difficult until lately for some odd reason).

If you want to make things difficult, then why not manually sync the data between the various devices too? Frankly, it seems like the only sure way to handle these situations because of the way Mozilla decided to maintain the SYNC configuration. Just because you CAN use it a certain way, doesn't mean there isn't a better method... just my opinion. I thought these were forums where we could give feedback and not be belittled saying we're using something incorrectly when with other apps and services you can use this feature this way.

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I agree with above comments that syncing is too complex. Every situation stated above has happened to me while trying to set up sync. All I want to do is keep my bookmarks on my two laptops the same. I use the laptops for different purposes and just want them to update each other when I open up Firefox.

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I 100% agree with the comments from the very frustrated users on this thread. This has happened to me too many times and still there is no clear fix from Mozilla. I am starting to wonder if there is even a human being behind the replies on this forum. The responses are completely condescending.

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So that's it then? No solution. I too want to sync my bookmarks with another computer but there's no 'manage account' button.

If it's not possible, why does it still say "Firefox Sync can be managed from one of your synced computers (device, data, account) or from any computer (data, account). " ???

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If there is no Manage Account menu item, Sync isn't set up on that device!

There are two ways to set up Sync on 2nd and subsequent devices:
1. Use pairing with an existing device; one where Sync is already set up/
2. Use Set Up Sync from the menu.
You need three things to connect a "new device" to your Sync account.

  1. Username = email address you used when you first setup Sync
  2. Password for that account.
  3. Sync Key / Recovery Key

If you are missing any of those three things, you won't be able to recover your data from the Sync Server.

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Thanks edmeister. The thing is, I don't have the 2nd device here. It's a pc 100 miles away which I use while i'm there once a month. I'm pretty sure when i tried last time there was no 'manage account' button either. So I'm unable to sign in on this pc after i hit 'i don't have the device with me' because i don't have a recovery key. I've tried hitting 'I have lost my other device' but nothing happens.

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Dear Funksucker

You have to setup the sync again if you don't have the recovery key. The instructions for this are partially incorrect. You will not find a manage account option. Go to 'setup Firefox sync' option under SYNC tab in options. Choose the option I have an account. On the next screen choose the option 'I don't have my device with me' On the next screen click on the link 'Show me how I have lost my other device' ( this link is well hidden inside the actual text underneath the text field boxes). Doing so will allow you to setup a new recovery key.

However, this does not restore anything it only enables you to setup a new sync. No bookmarks or history or anything is backed up on the Mozilla servers, a very common misconception.

Actually, as I and others have already complained, this function is next to useless. :(

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This is what I don't get. If no bookmarks or history or anything is backed up, why does it say - "You can use Firefox Sync to synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, settings, history, add-ons, and tabs with Firefox on other computers. "???

I guess you don't know since you've already complained. I'm feeling the urge to go back to Chrome!

Thanks for your help

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You should avoid generating a new recovery key if there is still the possibility to get data from the other device that is synced. If you generate a new sync key then all data currently stored on the server is removed and you would have to reconnect the other device as well to use the new sync key to sync to that other device.

The "I have lost my other device" link to reset the sync key only works if you have entered the correct user name and password for an existing sync account.

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