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Natao arisiva ity resaka mitohy ity. Mametraha fanontaniana azafady raha mila fanampiana.

i upgrade firefox and delta search is auto open in my new tab how do i remove this

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i upgrade firefox and delta search is auto open in my new tab how do i remove this. i want a blank page to open but delta is not so good that i want.

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hello atuljains, this sounds like a problem possibly caused by adware on your pc. so first please go to firefox > addons > extensions & remove any suspicious entries (toolbars, things that you have not installed intentionally, don't know what purpose they serve, etc). also go to the windows control panel / programs and remove all toolbars or potentially unwanted software from there and run a full scan of your system with the security software that you have in place and different other tools like the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware

afterwards install the search reset addon - it will revert the most common customizations those adware programs do in firefox back to the default:

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Thankyou phillipp! My Firefox tabs are restored and the piece of crap unwanted Delta Search Tabs are gone (they came with the last Mozilla upgrage). I turned of the modem, deleted cookies, restored computer, deleted Delta via "add-remove programs", and went through a dozen links online with complex answers to the problem, and nothing worked until I found your simple one minute solution. God Bless You!

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I recently bought a Sony camera and recorded some HD movies with it. My PC couldnt play them back so I went online to find some free software to do so. I found an alledgedly free convertor which promised to convert to any format I wanted so I downloaded it.

On installing it it was also installing all sorts of other programmes I didnt want so I unticked these. The programme proved useless however as it neither recognised or converted the Sony HD movies. However I subsequently found my Mozilla Firefox had now aquired something called Delta search engine in place of Google.

I also discovered that similarly Internet Explorer also aquired this product. Getting rid of it proved almost impossible. I eventually got Firefox to have Google as my search engine again but every time I opened a new tab it reverted to Delta. No matter what I did I could not prevent this. In the end I deleted every bit of the video convertion programme I could find plus I deleted Firefox and downloaded a fresh UK copy.

I reinstalled it in expert mode and to my horror noted that Firefox now asked me if I wanted to make Delta search engine my main one of choice. I declined but once more new tabs were automatically Delta. I next deleted the fresh Firefox installation totally including all saved sites code words etc. I then went online with IE9 (Avoiding its Delta search) and ensured my next download had Mozilla Firefox in the URL I now clicked on.

It seems to be a US version but it installed very quickly and NO MORE DELTA.

My IE9 is now also clear of it but I forget what tweaks I made to do that.

Plus I resorted to the manual for the Sony and discoverd it had built in software which does everything I want for the camera!!!

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It is very annoying when third party software gets installed without asking. To their credit, Delta Search provide removal instructions on their website What bothers me is that Firefox allows this to happen. There should at least be a setting to stop this happening or request your permission. It should also be easier to remove such things without going into the cryptic config pages.

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I downloaded a free programme which promised to play hd movies on a camera I bought. However it installed other software I didnt want even though I unticked the boxes to prevent it installing this software. One of the programmes was Delta search.

The programme did not play the HD movies as promised so I had to delete it. To get rid of Delta I had to delete the total installation of Firefox including all my saved passwords etc. To make certain I went into the Programme files drawer and made sure Mozilla Firefox was gone from it.

Next I used Internet Explorer to download a new copy of Firefox

IE9 was also take over by Delta and when I got rid of that (I forget how) it was taken over by something called BusyBee search engine. I Have also disabled that and downloaded from the site named and installed a delta free version

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Hello friends! my name is Naveed.

Tips to remove delta search from mozilla firefox permanently.

In case you open a new tab in Firefox, and the search you wish to remove still appears after removing from Addons, please do the following:

1. Type in the address bar line "about:config" and press enter. 2. Confirm the message. Type the name of the search you wish to remove in the search bar ex: Delta Search. 2. Right-click the entries and click Reset. Restart Firefox.

That's if the problem persists reply to this I will get back to you.

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