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Firefox doesn't sync passwords with master password


I started with a desktop Firefox, where I set up the password storage with a master password. After that I set the same master password on my Firefox on Android and enabled the sync between both devices. Bokkmarks, etc are synced fine but the password are not synced to the Android phone.

If I disable the master password on both devices and re-establish a sync relation the passwords are synced just fine. But I would prefer to protect my passwords with a master password.

Is it not possible to sync master password protected passwords between devices or did I something wrong?

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Passwords can only be synced if you are logged on to the software security device (i.e. the Password Manager is working), so it sounds that you aren't logged on for some reason, possibly because the MP has expired.

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This is a known issue the only way to sync passwords is to disable the master password. After a sync completes you can then re-add a master password which will lock out Sync changes again.

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@kbrosnan You wrote that password synchronisation don't work at all if a master password is set. Do you have a bug report or other reference to track this issue?