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Attenzione alle mail truffa. Mozilla non chiederà mai di chiamare o mandare messaggi a un numero di telefono o di inviare dati personali. Segnalare qualsiasi attività sospetta utilizzando l'opzione “Segnala abuso”.

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password lists

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Firefox retains a list of passwords to various sites. In a ransomware attempt, one of these passwords was shown to me. I no longer trust this feature and want do delete all passwords from the list immediately. Where is it?

Furthermore, I do not want to be asked if I want this password saved. How can i disable this prompt. Thanks

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Hi jfuhr, the following article should answers both questions:

(1) Delete saved logins, the section "Managing usernames and passwords"

(2) Stop Firefox asking to save Logins, the section "Disabling the Password Manager"

Article: Password Manager - Remember, delete and edit logins and passwords in Firefox

Bear in mind that scammers have access to millions of user logins stolen from websites and sold on the dark web. They haven't necessarily breached your computer. That said, if someone knows one of your logins and you have not yet changed the password, you should consider doing that.

You can search your email address on Firefox Monitor (https://monitor.firefox.com/) to get a better sense of what accounts might have been compromised. Keep in mind that some of the breaches are just bulk mail lists or tracking profiles which do not contain passwords.

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