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request desktop site

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Request a desktop site does not remain ticked on my two smartphones and tablet. I am constantly forced to retick the box. Is this normal? After waiting for browser to reload to a desktop site, clicking on a link on that page or clicking to read the next page loads a mobile webpage. I have to retick request a desktop site.

Mobile websites are very limiting and often do not function. Merely serve as advertisement to download companies' mobile app which run in the background using battery consumption and spying. I canceled online banking with Ally Bank, US Bank and Bank of America due to this.

It is a horrible pity that tablets caused netbooks to become obsolete. Tablets are mere oversized phones. Tablets cannot surf like netbooks can. Please fix this problem or create firefox for tablets with desktop site as default and only option.

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There should be an option to add to or edit thread.

Desktop by Default add on would not install. For Firefox 14.0 - 20.01a. My firefox version downloaded from f-droid.org is 34. Where can I download firefox 20 without being required to have a google account?

Mozilla needs to either improve their Request Desktop Site or create a firefox for tablets with desktop as default and only option or preinstall Desktop by Default in all new releases of Firefox.

In the meantime, where is direct download to Firefox 20?

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I am able to use desktop by default on Firefox for Android 34. Did you have an incorrect user agent? Phony has a old Firefox user agent around the 20 range.

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How do find out what the range is of a desktop view app?

I installed Desktop Mode app. It does not work either.

Orweb browser offers internet explorer spoofing. I will try it.

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Check out this add-on and set it to desktop firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/phony/?src=search

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Phony, Desktop by Default and Desktop Mode do not work most of the time. This is very frustrating.

Why doesn't Request Desktop View in settings remain ticked? A preinstalled setting should work better than addons. There should not be any need for addons when there is an identical feature preinstalled in settings. Mozilla please fix Request Desktop View!