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Firefox Doesn't Open GPX (GPS Exchange File)

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I'm setting up a website using the following code to open a GPX file using Garmin BaseCamp:

  <span class="TEXT-BOLD">GPS Track File:</span>
  <a href="2018-11-03-Six_Saddles_Ride_track.gpx" target="_blank">GPX track file</a>

When I click on the link, Firefox opens the file as a text file in a new window.

In the Tools - Settings - Applications area, I have set Firefox to open GPX files with Garmain BaseCamp. I have verified that the setting points to the Garmin BaseCamp file. If I click on the file in Windows File Explorer, it open with Garmin BaseCamp.

What did I do wrong?

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It is possible that the server sends this file as text/plain and not with a valid MIME type for this file extension. This can happen if the server isn't configured correctly and falls back to a basic MIME type like text/plain. You would have to make sure that you setup the server properly to make this work in Firefox.

You can check the HTTP response headers in the Network Monitor.

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Problem partially resolved:

1. On the web, it does properly open the Garmin BaseCamp program. 2. On my home computer, it does NOT open Garmin BaseCamp program; it opens the file as a text file.

I have checked and Firefox is set to open GPX files using Garmin BaseCamp.

Any ideas on how to solve this locally?