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spell check not working on sites like huffington post or fox news sites

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When making posts on Face Book, spell check works fine. When I go to other sites that also use FB for comments however, spell check does not work. Example sites would be Huntington post or fox news and all the rest.

I'm using version 43.0.1. Spell check works on all other sites with comment boxes except ones that use FB. How can this be, can it be fixed?

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If you right-click the editing area, can you enable "Check Spelling" from the menu?

If that is not possible, you may need to "hack" the page. I created a tool for that some time back, but it's not completely developed and might not work on all sites:

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I shouldn't have to "hack" this browser to get things that work fine in IE, and Chrome and I don't want to switch to either of those.

I started out using Netscape when it first came out, and have been loyal ever since, not that it matters though. I like this version, I hate the fact that Fire Fox has to copy Chrome too.

I'll keep searching. Thanks for the reply.

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So referring to the first part of my reply: if you right-click in the editing area, is Check Spelling checked (enabled) or unchecked or missing, and can you turn it on there?

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I actually didn't see any option for that at all. I do have a dictionary installed too. Oh well.