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why does adobe flash crash on facebook cafe game

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After I installed the security update a few days ago, cafe game on facebook crashes and other games are slow

== I updated the security update a few days ago.

After I installed the security update a few days ago, cafe game on facebook crashes and other games are slow == I updated the security update a few days ago.

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Firefox 3.6.4 and 3.6.6 use a process called, "plugin-container.exe" which was using up most of my CPU when I opened up multiple tabs that contained Adobe Flash files, and caused Firefox to lock up.

My solution was to use Firefox 3.5.10 which you can get from the Mozilla website at I am using Adobe Flash without any problem in this version of Firefox. Check the release notes, I believe it contains all the latest security fixes in "Firefox 3.6.4".

Hopefully, they will fix Firefox 3.6 in the next version (e.g. Firefox 3.6.7), until then you should probably use "Firefox 3.5.10".

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I don't know how to get rid of the new version I have before I install the older one Michael. Can you help? I am also concerned about security . Help me out.

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Hi Marie,

I'm just a Firefox user like yourself. But I'll try to offer you whatever assistance I can.

Here is a link listing security issues fixed in Firefox 3.6.4:

Here is a link listing security issues fixed in Firefox 3.5.10:

I downloaded a copy of the "English (US)", Windows version of "Firefox 3.5.10" from this link You can download a different language version if you prefer.

I installed "Firefox 3.5.10" on top of ""Firefox 3.6.6", without un-installing "Firefox 3.6.6". "Firefox 3.5.10"automatically replaced "Firefox 3.6.6".

Do you need more info, or is this OK?

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I downloaded firefox 3.5.10 but when I click up top on help and about mozilla firefox, it says I have 3.6.6. What does this mean? When I downloaded the older version, it said it was installed. Confused here. Help ? By the way, I checked out the security link and all I saw was secure. Don't I have to make sure it's secure? Sorry about the questions, but I am hoping you are the help I need and please get back to me ASAP.

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Still waiting for your response. I need your help fast.

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OK, you downloaded Firefox 3.5.10, which means you should have a file called "Firefox Setup 3.5.10.exe" on your PC somewhere. This is the installation program.

Did you double-click on the "Firefox Setup 3.5.10.exe" file to start the installation? If it still says "Firefox 3.6.6", I'm guessing you didn't actually install it.

The security links just contain information about what security issues have been fixed in the various versions of Firefox. Most people probably wouldn't understand it, and wouldn't be that interested. To be honest, I don't understand most of it either. But you did say you were concerned about security - What aspect of security were you referring to?

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I will check it out and get back to you Michael. Security is what I am concerned about is if the older version is safe from intruders etc. Just give me time to check things out and I will definately get back to you and so please bear with me if it takes me awhile. I will get back to you.

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Marie, you should be aware that even the best Internet browser by itself is not secure. That is why you need a firewall and antivirus software.

Still, you should click on the Firefox security links above to make yourself comfortable that Firefox 3.5.10 suits your requirements.

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I have antivirus software and a firewall Michael. I am going to check out what you asked me before about the download and I will get back to you and it will take awhile and I may not get back to you until later since it's very late here. Bear with me.

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It was installed and the box popped up saying so. This is Marie's husband. I am sticking with the 3.6 since I do not trust the older versions. I updated back to the 3.6. We have an antivirus and firewall . Michael, Firefox has warned with each update to install what we have done. For some reason, our antivirus warned us today before logging on mail that it was not safe. This encourages me even more to stay with the new version. Get back to me.

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Hi Marie's husband,

If you feel safer with Firefox 3.6.6 and prefer to use that then that's fine. Firefox 3.5.10 was only meant to be a temporary fix until the problems with "plugin-container.exe" were resolved one way or the other, then you could update to the latest version. According to the release notes Firefox 3.5.10 should have the same security updates as Firefox 3.6.4.

As an alternative to Firefox 3.5.10, I just found some information about how to disable "plugin-container.exe" at the following link:

Disable plugin-container:

I haven't actually tried disabling "plugin-container.exe" in Firefox 3.6.6, so I can't tell you whether this works or not. I've listed it as an option, in case you want to use Firefox 3.6.6 and are still having problems. I may try it myself later. There is more discussion in the link above, which you should read, so you can make a more informed decision.

I hope you find this info useful.