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cache/temp/backup-files problem when downloading

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Got a problem when downloading files. Lets say I have 3 GB free hard disk space on the C: drive. If I then should start downloading a 2 GB file I would after a while get a message that I´m running low on space (if I download it to the C: drive). Thats because the file takes 2 GB of the free space but it ALSO make some kind of cache/backup/temp file (at 2 GB) that doesn´t go away unless I restart firefox or the computer (it may work if I use the "clear list" in the downloader). So basically the file is 2 GB but I need 2+2 = 4 GB free space on the hard drive during the download which is very annoying since I believe my 3 GB should be enough. Isn´t it possible to turn this "mirror/cache/backup/temp"-file thing off? Or at least let me place the temp location on another drive where I have more free space?

I have changed the cache location to another drive (with about:config) but that doesn´t help. That folder is just like 50-100 MB so I guess some other files go there but the bigger ones.

So any ideas? :/

Thanks in advance guys!

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You can get hard drives in the terabyte range now. Why not buy a new, large hard drive? You are pushing your luck with the space you have and the file you are trying to download.

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This is a safety feature by Windows. This is to prevent your operating system from failing because there is not temporary space for your system. It should always warn you when you are within 1-5GB of free space (varies per operating system).

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You can modify the TMP and TEMP environment variables in "Control Panel > System" and make them point to a drive with more free space.

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Well that was an example. I have a 160 GB SSD and a 3 TB WD so I dont think I need to buy a new HDD.. Thats why I´m asking about the possibility to deactivate the function or move the temp-thing to another drive..

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So there are no way to change the Firefox temp files only? I have to move the whole Windows temp folder? Ok? That kind of sucks :P But if it´s the only way I guess it has to be that way. But why? I think even IE can manage this in the settings, why not FF? Feels like a small kind of issue to fix, or?

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You can't change which folder Firefox uses for temp files. This will always be the folder as set via the TMP and TEMP environment variables,

The temp folder is for storing temp files, so any action that requires to use the temp folder (even only for a short while) will use this location.
I'm sure that IE and other programs will behave in the same way and stores files in the temp folder as well when needed.

Firefox starts a download immediately in the background and needs to use the temp folder as long as you haven't specified a name and location for the file in case this is selected.

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Ok thank you for your answer. I thought all Microsoft softwares used the temp folder and some other applications (like Firefox) could change that to another folder/drive. But then I will change it the way you described. Thank you very much for clarifying that.