How to turn off Java version check

I have a small Linux based pc running Firefox in kiosk mode. The pc is not connected to the Internet and only has acess to a dedicated server under my control, serving a few webpages and a java applet. Suddenly the system started complaining java my java version is outdated messing up the kiosk display.

- how did firefox figure out the java version is outdated if neither the frond end pc nor the back end server have access to the Internet - is there a way to turn off java security checking in one of the firefox config files? The kiosk pc boots from the network, the firefox profile is automatically generated, so I need a way to change this in the config files, not through the GUI as I won't be there every time the kiosk boots.

I'm running Firefox 13.0.1, I know this is old but security isn't an issue as I'm only accessing my own server and updating the firefox version on the PXE image is a pain.

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