posted by Vi22 5 years ago
Hello, I have a big problem with Firefox: Session Manager & Undo Closed Tab addons are not working, Sync Is not working. History is working. How to fix this?

Firefox remembers history but doesn't remember closed tabs, sessions. It happened after updating Fox to v. 19.0.2 on one computer.

In Firefox Options is set Use Custom Settings For History, everything is checked except Always Use Private Browsing Mode. So I am not in private browsing.

When I press on Undo Closed Button nothing happens & in session manager Save Session Button is greyed out. I've tried installing other add-ons that can remember tabs. tried to disable/reinstall these 2 add-ons. Did't help. On my 2nd computer I have same add-ons, same settings and they are working normally. on 3rd computer undo closed tabs works also. How to fix this? I decided to ask before doing Firefox Reset...


Sync is a separate problem. It works, but quite often it logs me out of Sync account. Then I can log in only using long recovery key and password (choosing option I don't have device with me because it does not accept keys for pairing device.)

Thanks for reading.

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