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How to limit the number of simultaneous Download



I own compshop and I am sick to the Downloader costumer because they download more than 1 file at a time [sometimes 10files at a time T_T]. So, I'll search all over the web to find a solution to my problem. I found one and its working properly, it can limit the download file at a time but I'm a bit down once I observe and test it..

I use DownThemAll! Adds On. but when I save the file, ofcourse, it will ask and prompt the "Save File Window". DownThemAll adds on is really helpful and it will there in the selection in the Save File Window but, the thing I concern is the another selection, "Save File".. So I realize that the DownThemAll is a bit useless if "Save File" option is there at the Save File Window. Why? because, they can just select the "Save File" for them not to limit their Download number anyway :( .

so, is there a way on how to limit the Download number to 1 file at a time. or how to hide the "Save File" option in the Save File Window.. so the selection to save file is only DownThemAll.

I hope you answer my question . Help me please..

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You are trying to make it so you can't use the default downloader in Firefox, only Downthemall?

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Are you saying that you own and run a commercial website offering file downloads ?

And asking how to limit downloads from your site ?

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@Tylerdowner: hmm.. maybe yes.. I just want to use the DOWNTHEMALL AddsOn for the saving file not the default download.. because my costumer download MP3 files and save it 3 or more files at a time so my Internet Connection goes down :( so I just want to limit them to save 1 file at a time.

or if there is another way to limit it to 1.. please tell me :(