.JSON file apparently not working AND recovery key (sync) is wrong??

My husband formatted the computer and saved NO .html file or sqplace or similar profile folder. ONLY saved a .Json file, which doesn´t seem to work....(when I restore it from the bookmarks library: nothing happends). The file is 3,51 KB...I don´t think this is normal, since I have(had?) more than 800 bookmarks...I´ve read all the help articles. I´ve tried this many times, shutting Firefox down and then on again.

I also Synced my bookmarks before formatting, created an account and saved the corresponding recovery key. When I try to retrieve the synced bookmarks it says the key is wrong. Even copy and paste, manually entered, with and without the "-" ...nothing. Still wrong. I DO NOt want a new one, since this would mean losing the synced info... (Btw: only on my sync profile says I´m currently using 3303.02148438K, so my bookmarks should be there, I guess?!)

can this be true!? such bad luck? both ways are not working? Please help me find a solution!

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