posted by pwill 5 years ago
I cannot download adobe flash player to my comuter

This problem has been occurring and reoccurring since November 2012, I receive a message on my desktop stating that I need to update my adobe flash player. I click to do this and am transported to the adobe flash player download site. I click the "download now" tab and receive the download instructions page. When the popup window appears I select "save file" as instructed. I am then transported to the Firefox download list where I double click the flash player install highlighted in blue. The next pop up window asks if I want to "run file". I click "run file" and nothing happens. (alternatively I get a pop up window that asks me to continue if I am the administrator and I click "continue" and nothing happens) The pop up windows previously mentioned list the source of the download as C:/users/"my name"/downloads and when I click "details" it says (sic) C:/users/"my name"/ downloads remove C:/file/users etc. Sometimes I will get a message saying file cannot be found at C:/users etc. Of course not, because the file is in firefox downloads and not in my user download file. Is there a way to fix this? The flash player is not listed under firefox plugins so I cannot disable it or change it. Incidentally, other download files for updates etc are working without issues, I did have to disable the adobe reader plug in so that I can view PDF files on other internet sites. I have Vista sP2 on Dell XPS 420 with Firfox version 18.01

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