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After uploading Firefox 18 the AOL Home Page has replaced my Firefox Home Page and I want to remove AOL Home Page


AOL has muscled in and replaced my Firefox home page as above with theirs without permission. How do I permanently remove the AOL home page to the trash can? And, if possible, give AOL a "rasberry" for their rudeness?

Thanks <<<< Peter Barrett

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  • 5.1.10411.0
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  • 1.9.0009.1
  • npdnu
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers


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See - How to set the homepage

lobo_man 2 solutions 4 answers

I have this and the issue is when I change my home page back to what I want it will not save my change or it is over written when ever I restart Firefox. AOL seems to be an infection.

bobby24810 0 solutions 2 answers

Nothing woud stop this. I reset firefox and this resolved the issue.

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If you do not keep changes after a restart then see:

oceanvu 0 solutions 4 answers

With the recent upgrade of Firefox, AOL has insisted to be the homepage. It does not matter whether you change it to be something else. After you change your homepage, somehow when you have to open another tab, aol will pop saying you have changed your homepage, but will not allow you to click anything until you say yes to returning it to aol. This IS so frustrating. I can't believe Mozilla is allowing it or does not know how to counter it.

bobby24810 0 solutions 2 answers

I uninstalled it and still had the problem. I reset firefox for mac. It hasn't happened again in over a week. It was one of the add ons that was the snake.

oceanvu 0 solutions 4 answers

As I mentioned b4, I've uninstalled & reinstalled a few times & same thing happened. However, this time I uninstalled everything, including saved data & start totally from scratch. Voila! - no AOL / Yahoo :). I'm happy with my Firefox again :D

lobo_man 2 solutions 4 answers

I reset FF to defaults and it fixed this issue.

nls532 0 solutions 3 answers

I have this problem too and nothing I do gets rid of AOL. I just need my AOL email not anything else associated with AOL. What does you solution mean: reset FF defaults? How do you do this? I have tried to reinstall FF and this didn't work, is that what you mean?

lobo_man 2 solutions 4 answers

I reset defaults to fix this. Resetting defaults got rid of all of my customizations so I needed to save off my bookmarks and and reintergrate password1 to get back to where I started. I think someone else here said it was in an add-on which makes since.

nls532 0 solutions 3 answers

How do you reset defaults? and how do you save your bookmarks. I am not following. You mean an add-on that fixes the problem?

nls532 0 solutions 3 answers

Thank you, I will look into this.

rlptoday 0 solutions 1 answers

what does aol have to do with yahoo? i have never used anything aol