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change ALL Bookmark NAMEs to x characters (to eliminateLEFT pops of sub bookmark folder)



I have so many bookmarks... like oodles... I need a quick way to truncate all my book mark names(descriptiors) to a size that will STOP the LEFT pop of subfolders. I find it impossible to navigate with my track to the LEFT POP.

I need to force RIGHT POP always of the menu of the bookmarks i would prefer firefox handle this automatically but it doesnet it appears because i have long named bookmarks, it pops to the LEFT with subfolders.

please can you tell me what is the 1 step method to truncate these names.


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Is this in the Bookmarks Toolbar or in other menu lists as well?

For the Bookmarks menu on the menu bar the only way to do this is to edit the names of each bookmarks because the menu bar is maintained by the Mac OS and not by Firefox.
For the Bookmarks Toolbar it may be possible to set a maximum width via code in userChrome.css.

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Hi cor-el i only notice it in my Bookmarks Menu. But I dont think i really use the other menus very much. On occasion, I go to Tools (as I have 2 of my add-on showing in there) but they are nice and neat menus.

its my bookmark menu that is HUGE. and of course a right MESS.


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As I wrote above, for the Bookmarks menu the only possibility is to edit each bookmark and shorten names that are too long.

You may be able to do this in a text or HTML editor that knows about regular expressions.

In the reply text area on this forum this replace should do it if you run this code in the Scrathpad (adjust {1,20} to suit your needs).


Scratchpad (Web Developer > Scratchpad):