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how can i backup the cash of my firefox


how can i backup the cash of my firefox ? i need to backup and restore cache for better protection and i hope restrict Firefox from deleting its cache.

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Gingerbread Man
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lepoete wrote:

how can i backup the cash of my firefox ?

To find the location of your disk cache, type about:cache in the address bar and press Enter. Note the value of “Cache directory” in the Disk Cache Device section. The Offiline Cache only contains data from those few websites that have specifically asked you to store files on your computer (if any).

lepoete wrote:

i need to backup and restore cache for better protection

You seem to be running Firefox 3.6.28, which is a very old obsolete version that contains numerous security vulnerabilities. Your computer not protected from security threats. Not only that, but the latest version of Firefox has a larger cache by default, and is much better at managing it, both in terms of performance and in avoiding discarding cached files prematurely.

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thank you for your help

i use a dial up connection and i need to restrict Firefox from deleting its cache because that speed up surfing  and i find a program that help me to do this thing ...... how can i backup and restore cache manually without to need to buy the program
Gingerbread Man
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219 solutions 903 answers

Backing up the cache won't accomplish anything apart from wasting your time. If you keep replacing the cache, items that were downloaded into it since your last backup will have to be downloaded again.

If you want to spend less time waiting for things to download:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version Firefox. The ancient version you're using has a small cache and is bad at managing it, so web page content has to be redownloaded frequently.
  2. Install Adblock Plus to block bandwidth-wasting advertisements.
  3. Install Flashblock to ensure Flash content only loads when you want it to.
  4. Install ImgLikeOpera to quickly switch between several modes, like loading images, loading images only from the cache, or not loading images at all.

If you're absolutely set on backing up the cache anyway, you can use a batch file to copy the cache folder somewhere, delete the current one, and restore the backup.