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I want to download firefox 16 for the time being, how do I do that, I can not find the option


I cant find firefox 16 to download

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bermea_old 1 solutions 8 answers

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Hello linzmv215!

In case you have not noticed, Mozilla has released Firefox 17 which contains bug fixes and other fixes as well. You can download it at www.firefox.com

I do not recommend downgrading to a earlier version of Firefox as the newest one will have new features and make it work a whole lot better. But if you're sure you want to download the 16 version, here is the link to download Firefox 16.0.2.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post back here.

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monsieurms 2 solutions 78 answers

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But once again, Firefox screws up my extensions telling me Tab Mix Plus, one of my most important is incompatible with v. 17

Why do I bother upgrading?

I'm downgrading. TMP won't have a new version until 2013. I'll check back in later.

I think everyone should be about 2 months behind in upgrading FF. That will make sure of fewer incompatbilities and aggravation.

bermea_old 1 solutions 8 answers

Hi monsieurms!

You can also force the add-on to install onto Fx17 by using a add-on. This add-on will remove the Compatibility check on Firefox and allow you to use your Tab Mix Plus without any problems.

If you need any more help, feel free to ask in a separate thread so that way we can get your specific system details and problem and not on someone else's.

Thank you.

TheOldFox 110 solutions 619 answers

Firefox 17.0 fixes 6 Critical, 9 High and 1 Moderate known and published security issues over Firefox 16.0.2. Therefore, Firefox 16 versions should not be used.

Tab Mix Plus was marked incompatible with Firefox 17.0 because it was interfering with some items on the Firefox menu (see - https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/942252?esab=a&s=tab+mix+plus ). You can install the development build of TMP as mentioned in that thread. When TMP releases version, just install it over the development version so that you do not lose your TMP settings.

monsieurms 2 solutions 78 answers

Thanks but I am reluctant to disable compatibility checks especially if it is going interfere with other menu items. There was an extension that used to allow me to do this--you could just say "make compatible." It's nice to see it back. But the results are uncertain and I'm being told here that TMP will interfere with other menu items.

I have no problem waiting until January for a TMP update. Development updates are often problematic.

In the meanwhile, I've reverted to FF 16. That'll be fine. The extension is more important than the browser. It is a sufficient core part of the browser so that I don't understand why FF doesn't include its basic functions as a part of the browser, not an extension. Tabs after all were one of FF's claims to fame. Competent handling of them should be a part of the browser.

If FF 16 is so insecure, I suspect I would've had a problem already. And if it is really THAT insecure, perhaps I should switch to Chrome in the meanwhile.

All in all, I'll stick with 16.

This episode once again demonstrates the increasing problems with FF's update schedules and extensions.

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Question owner

That link takes me to an article not a download...

bermea_old 1 solutions 8 answers


Sorry. I chose the wrong radio button. Here is the download for Firefox 16 made for Mac OS X.

TheOldFox 110 solutions 619 answers


  • I am using the development build of TMP with no problems and I have previously used dev-builds of TMP for extended periods with no problems.
  • You would certainly be more secure with Firefox 17 and the TMP development build than using a Firefox version with known, published security issues.
  • SUMMARY: Your data and personal information at risk, your system at risk, your choice.
Mike109 0 solutions 18 answers

My autocomplete stopped working after after updating to Firefox 17.0.

I've been using: http://www.google.com//webhp?complete=0&hl=en along with Greasemonkey 1.5.

I restored my Windows7 back to FF14 and autocomplete now works. I never had FF15 or FF16. I clicked on the link for FF16.02 as mentioned above but it takes me to "Create a New Knowledge Base Article". How do I get FF16.02?

Or is there a fix to make autocomplete work?

Mike109 0 solutions 18 answers

I need FF 16 (or 15) for Windows7 not Mac.

Never mind, I think I found it.

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marlisse 0 solutions 1 answers

What is the link to download Firefox version 16 for Windows XP? I can find version 15 but not 16.

Mike109 0 solutions 18 answers

I found this list of previous versions & selected 16.0.2 and went from there.


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