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Security alert ("Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection...")


Please provide a solution to turn this warning off, as Selenium based automated tests cannot click "continue" on the dialog (third party payment is mixed with our application running on localhost without SSL), and it's very very annoying to click "continue" in every single test case. It should go without any manual intervention, that's why it's called "automated". Installing certificate on every single developer machine to use SSL _is not_ a solution. The third party payment test environment is https. Thanks.

"That conclusion is completely stupid, and precisely the kind of thing I have long disliked about Microsoft -- it's as if users are believed to be smart enough to choose products from a company, but not smart enough to know, learn, or care about how to use those products intelligently and responsibly. I suppose it's no surprise that Mozilla has now fallen to that same level, and it now seems my only other option is to find some other browser."

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I'm not aware of a way to disable that alert as the Firefox developers consider this case as too important.

Your only option may be to use a normal http connection for the other page(s) as well.

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I've created a self-signed certificate to use localhost with https (the other pages are 3rd party, so using http for them is not possible), now I can start tests with the -trustAllSSLCertificates switch of Selenium server. No certificate warning, no https->http warning. Now all developers have to create self-signed certificates, and cofigure SSL on their local webserver. It seems to be the only (solution) workaround for the problem (or to use other browser, but we have to run the automated tests in all popular browsers).