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How to remove "ClaroSearch" web page from my tab page?


I am using lastest version firefox. When I starting new browser opening page turn to: isearch.claro-search.com/?affID=114522&tt=3712_5&babsrc=NT_ss&mntrId=3aee867c0000000000008c89a580fbee and it also added to the search engine column. I did amend the home page and remove it from the search engine. But it still on the tab page whenever I add a new tab page its url also "ClaroSearch". Please help how to remove it. Thank you

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See these threads about Claro-Search:

mark_2012 0 solutions 2 answers

I had the same problem on my Windows 7 / 64.
I installed once Babylon accidently, ... it installes always when asked !
To uninstall, I had to deinstall the claro-search toolbar, then babylon and at the end the "Browse Manager". The Manager is a service which cannot be stopped!
As long as the "Browser Manager" is not completely removed, Firefox will always be manupulated.
Step 1: Set The "Browse Manager"-Service to disabled and reboot.
The problem should be solved, ..for the moment.

Step 2: Remove the service and follow exactly the advice find here:
During cleaning up the registry an my Windows7/64, I found that some keys are different in the registry as described in the above link.
Search the whole registry for "Browsermngr" and delete all the keys "Browser Manager".
One folder "5b0ded0b06db10" in "Wow6432Node" was created from Browser Manager.
My problem is now solved by removing it by hand. Malware- and anti virus programs did not help.

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Tyler Downer
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For anyone affected by Claro search, We are working on a helpful solution. Anyone interested in testing this solution so we can pass it onto more users please PM me.

pokerbear55 0 solutions 1 answers

Any thing to get this crap out of Firefox. Help please.


mark_2012 0 solutions 2 answers

Watch in the "services" if you have a service called "Browser Manager".
... No Browser need to be managed !
Then remove it as described here:

mburwen 0 solutions 6 answers

I would be interested in testing your solution. Despite trying everything I can find on the Internet to get rid of this scourge, I still have it. You can email me at mike@pamg.com. I am running Windows 7 32-bit.

Jan. 9 solutions 82 answers

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mburwen 0 solutions 6 answers

Thanks Jan for the reply. I had already tried everything described in the links you suggest as well as several other posts, but still couldn't get rid of it. Two days ago I saw a post suggesting a freeware program called "adw cleaner". It is an anti-malware program that appears to specialize in removing toolbar-related hacks. It identified dozens of files, directories and registry entries, and removed them with one click.

If anyone out there wants to try adw cleaner, be careful of the download site. Some of them will install stuff you may not want. I couldn't find it on Cnet, but I can recommend tomsguide.com as a download site that does not install garbage.

BTW, you don't "install" adw cleaner on your computer. You just download the exe file and run it. When you run it, it does a scan, then creates a text file of everything it found and places the file into the C:\ directory. Then you can tell it which things you want it to remove, and it will do so. The results are posted in another text file. I particularly liked that it found several things to get rid of that I didn't know I had besides the Firefox/Claro issue. I had previously tried running MalwareBytes, AdAware and Spybot, and all of them missed the things that adw cleaner was able to detect.

swifted 0 solutions 1 answers

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Try to go Mozilla Firefox User preference and do some modification. Type ABOUT:CONFIG in the Mozilla Firefox address bar then hit ENTER.

When you are already in the Mozilla Firefox User Preference Page, find for the word SEARCH. You can see lots of user preference name with the word SEARCH in it. However your concern is the preference name that follows:

browser.search.defaultenginename browser.search.selectedEngine

You need to reset its value into the default one. Right click and then hit RESET in order to do it.

Now, one more thing. If you can see any user preference name associated with the word CLARO in its value, do the the same as what I have said above.

I hope this would help.

Claro Search 0 solutions 6 answers

Hello from Claro search support team! Claro search is very easy to remove, please follow this link: http://info.claro-search.com/uninstall.html to get full and quick instructions. In case you need more, feel free to contact us at: Support@Claro-Search.com, we'll be glad to help you with any issue!

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Hi Calrosearch

You may want to ask a forum Administrator to change the Calrosearch name to Clarosearch in case you accidentally spelled it wrongly.

You can post a "Want to change my user name" request in the contributors forum if you want to change the username.

Add [ATTN: Admin] in front of the subject title to get the attention of a forum Administrator.

mburwen 0 solutions 6 answers

I received the remove claro search support team instructions today as mentioned above. I had tried all the things mentioned in that reference, but was unsuccessful in removing claro search, babylon and related junk. The only thing that worked for me was adw Cleaner. Even if the instructions from the support team are successful, I recommend that you run adw Cleaner anyway. I guarantee those removal instructions will not completely clean out unwanted files and registry statements. When you run adw Cleaner, you will see a text file listing all the files and entries it found that it thinks should be deleted - it is a very long list. You can tell adw Cleaner to get rid of all of it or you can choose which things you want to get rid of. The whole process takes less than a minute.