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How do I revert from FF 15 to FF 14? Mac OS-X 10.5.8


I was running FF 14 and updated to FF 15. Now I would like to try running FF 14 again just to do some testing, but when I launch FF 14 it finds the update file and automatically updates to FF 15. How do I prevent this from happening? Where is the update file stored? I assume I have to get rid of it but have to know where it is first. (Mac OS-X 10.5.8, MacBook Intel)

(System details automatically posted don't apply to question because I'm posting this from a different computer.)

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Thanks, cor-el, that's very interesting to know and it may be somewhat helpful. But it didn't really answer my question.

I'd really like to know where the update file is 'hidden away' on my drive, and what the file is so I can find and identify it. It's lurking there somewhere but I don't know what its name is or where it is. Knowing that would empower me to have control over it.

It wasn't a .dmg file that I had to open to install a new version. It's some sort of automatic updating file that does its own thing, whether I want it to or not. I've searched through other answers here to questions about reverting, but no one seems to have ever answered the question I'm posing. Instead, all kinds of other responses are given, usually advocating use of the newest version and offering suggestions for making it work properly, including compatibility with other software - and that's probably been the best response to the needs of the questioners. But I'd just like to know the answer to my question. Someone ... Please?

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I don't know where the update files reside on Mac.
You can check the Firefox.app folder to see if there is an updates folder that has the update in the 0 (number zero) folder in it.

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Thanks again cor-el, but still no luck. I thought I had found some help here in the Knowledge Base:


But I tried all the suggestions and still each time I try to launch a new copy of FF 14, I immediately get a dialog that says my update is being installed. When FF finally opens, it's been updated to FF 15. I've searched but can't find anything that I recognize as an update file on my drive, including viewing package contents for FF, so where is FF finding this update?

I REALLY want to find a way to stop this update from happening. Frustrating!

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I decided to try going back a step further and was successful in launching a copy of FF13 without it being automatically updated, although I was asked if I wanted to check for updates, which I declined.

But I still can't get FF 14 to launch without updating.  :-(