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Dropdown menu works but I can't click on the drop down ie I can't select an option (eg a date) have tried starting in safe mode and it doesn't help , dropdown menu works ok in IE.


I just updated Firefox a few days ago but also microsoft updates were downloaded on 25/8 this was hotfix for win XP KB25 7079 and was something to do with updating the time zones so not relevent to this problem I guess. I've tried resetting user preferences in Firefox but this didn't help. Is there a way to go back to an earlier version of FF?

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This started when...

today or at least I noticed it today its been a few days since I used a drop down box

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What dropdown? Do you mean history? Is this the sidebar or the menu bar or somewhere in the Options? You can find troubleshooting advice here:

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The drop downs on the toolbar are okI can click internet options no problem the problem is on web pages that have forms to fill in such as putting in a date or selecting which account on a bank website for example. Thanks for the link I'll see if it gives me the answer.

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The drop down in question is the <select> html element. I've had this problem periodically with Firefox. It will be working fine and then out of the blue the <select> elements quit working. I can click on it to open the options, but I can't click on the options. Although the options are visible, the mouse acts as if it isn't there and clicks on whatever is underneath the option list.

In addition the top, left and bottom sides of the Firefox window becomes inaccessible. I can't "grab" these sides to resize, drag, or close Firefox. Oddly the right side remains accessible. Once I drag the right-side of the window, then the other sides of the window becomes accessible. However, the problem with the drop down remains and the next time I try to select the drop down, the top/left/bottom sides of the Firefox window freezes again.

Restarting firefox does not fix the problem. I always have to either log out of windows or restart the computer to fix it.

I've had this happen several times, maybe at least 5 times? It's happened to me across multiple versions of Firefox.

I am currently on Win XP SP3 with Firefox 8.0. I do not know how to replicate the problem. It seems to happen randomly.