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I can not remove something called Sendori.


I have something called Sendori that will correct misspelled web pages. It's help site says to go to control panel add or remove programs and pick uninstall. The program does not show up in the list. When I search my entire computer from the search window in "start" it does not find any thing either. This is the link for misspelled "tigardirect" instead of "tigerdirect". Your help site does not have any entries for "sendori" either. Thanks for all help. I am using Firefox 5.0.

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id11vcna 0 solutions 2 answers

WARNING - DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! It is NOT easily removable without wiping your computer and should be considered to be malicious. It redirects to ads paid for and will not let you access some websites at all, changing the name and changing the target website. It is marketed under the guise of a phishing filtr, but it really ad-ware that cannot be removed. I am not sure how I got it, but several people use my infected computer. AVG did not catch it. I tried installing and then uninstalling it form sendori.com - no luck. I completely removed IE8 and then installed it from scratch - no good. I then discovered that it affects FireFox, Safari, Chrome and IE8. (all installed on WinXP) See mozilla support: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/861138. If anyone has an easy solution aside from wiping my hard drive and loading Windows from scratch, I would love to hear it.

Swapnilrustagi 19 solutions 286 answers

Ok, I think I COULD help you with this.

Press Window Key + R. In the Run box, type regedit. Windows Registry editor should open. In the left pane click Computer. Backup your registry by clicking File Menu and then clicking Export. Give a filename and save it on the desktop. Wait for 5 mins for the back-up process to finish Now Press F3 key. A Find dialog box will appear. Type Sendori and press Enter key. Delete all keys found during the search.

Complete this and reply back.

id11vcna 0 solutions 2 answers

Thanks for trying, but I already tried that as well. I went back to make sure I hadn't missed something, but it has to have a different name because there is nothing in the registry for sendori except references to the program files/sendori folder that does not exist - and I deleted these as well just to be sure. There were no keys in the registry. Any other ideas?

Swapnilrustagi 19 solutions 286 answers

Download the free version of MalwareBytes AntiMalware and scan your system.


Ogre1277 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

This might also be your ISP's way of protecting you from mistyping. If it is try to change your DNS servers to googles dns servers. I had the same thing happen to me and it was just the ISP.

rooffire 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

Not true at all. If you did not install it yourself, it is a service through your ISP. If you or someone installed it on your machine, you will see it in the programs to remove.

mongo 0 solutions 1 answers

I removed Sendori and lost internet access. It overwrites your DNS address so you need to reconfigure the DNS address or set it to find the dns. Back up and on line...

BullBiskit 0 solutions 1 answers

Sendori does not list in the 'Add/Remove Programs' setting but this worked for me without fussing around RegEdit:

0. Download and install IObit Advanced System Care 5 (free). 1. Restart in SAFE MODE (F8). 2. Open the "Program Files" folder on the HD. 3. Drag the entire "Sendori" folder to the Recycle Bin. 4. Run ASC5 File Shredder Tool on your Recycle Bin content. (I chose the Gutman method to be sure) 5. Restart normally.

"Have a great day-unless you have made other plans"

wildone 0 solutions 1 answers

I had no problem with removing Sendori first go to add remove programs and uninstall if that doesn't work use your windows explorer and find the folder for Sendori then remove it from there, next click on start and in the type box or run if your using XP type regedit then hit F3 it will bring up a search for your registry and type sendori and hit enter if it finds any registry lines for Sendori then delete it and hit F3 to search again. Continue until all lines relating to Sendori have been removed. Searching your registry will insure you remove any trace of Sendori.I did not find any instance of Sendori writing or removing any DNS settings or files relating in any way to my internet and have been in computer repair for 15 years so I think the other poster may have had another issue going on.

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lazylistener 0 solutions 1 answers

I also found Sendori installed onto my computer for no apparent reason and I don't know how it got there to be exact. I just noticed it recently in the task menu and task bar and had never seen that .exe task there before. I removed it from my computer using Revo uninstaller. This program is awesome, works WAY better than the built-in windows uninstaller. This program helps remove registries and any remaining items that sometimes gets left behind when uninstalling. It worked for me. For those having trouble uninstalling try Revo. Just google it.

Hordeswarm 0 solutions 1 answers

It somehow showed up on my PC. Like the guy who gave it 5 stars,..it's worked great. browser is even faster. Due to all the crap I read I decided better safe than sorry and get rid of it. It didn't show up at first in programs and features, but after I deactivated it and removed it from my tray..it was there. Got rid of it...no probs. I used an old school very small yet incredibly invasive program started by Castlecops and now used by TrendMicro.....it's called Hijack This. Gets crap out of your registry fast & permanently.

My only question...how did it get on my PC to start with?