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My homepage always goes to http://search.bearshare.com/ even though I set it to google in options.


No matter how many times i've set my homepage to google either through options or just dragging onto the homepage button it always goes back to http://search.bearshare.com/

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You can look for a "Mediabar" program under "Control Panel > Programs and features"

See also this forum thread about BearShare:

A-ZO 0 solutions 1 answers

I had the same problem every time I closed Firefox, even when I went into the options and changed my default homepage to Google, it would take me back to Bearshare's homepage. I tried everything I could to remove this but it didn't work and then there were some other suggestions that just seemed to complicated to try for my level of computer knowledge.

So, I thought I try something to get rid of this stupid problem. This, however, will erase all of your settings like Bookmarks, History, etc. because you are going to uninstall Firefox and re-install Firefox with Internet Explorer's settings. But, I assure you it worked for me and I am just glad to get rid of this problem once and for all.

(This is done with Windows 7 Home Premium version)

Step 1.

(This part is for those who have not uninstalled Bearshare. If you did, skip to step 2.)

Uninstall Bearshare. But before this can be done (at least when I was doing it) you have to close Bearshare program. If you don't when you go to uninstall, a message saying something like "Cannot uninstall because Bearshare is still running. Close Bearshare and try again" will pop-up. Well, this is how difficult Bearshare wants to be. You can't just simply close Bearshare. You have to close it through "Start Task Manager" by pressing keys CTL+ALT+DEL and selecting "Start Task Manager". Under "Application" tab, select Bearshare and click "End Task" button. OK and that should close it.

Then, go to Start - Control Panel - Programs/Uninstall Programs, find Bearshare, right-click and uninstall.

Step 2.

Uninstall Mozilla Firefox. While still in Uninstall Programs if you were doing Step 1, uninstall Mozilla.

(Control Panel - Programs/Uninstall Programs - find Mozilla Firefox - right-click and uninstall.)

Step 3.

Go into Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options and under the General Tab, change the Homepage field to whatever homepage you prefer and click "Apply" at the bottom.

Step 4.

Re-install Mozilla Firefox. Go to Mozilla's website and download and install Firefox. Go through the the installation steps and when it comes to the part about "importing settings" from Internet Explorer, you want to do that. Complete installation.

Now, every time go in and out of Mozilla, it will always take you back to your preferred homepage instead of Bearshare's generic version of Google. Hope this works for you. This is just the easiest way with my level of computer knowledge of how to get rid of this problem.

Good luck.


amosays 0 solutions 2 answers

Helpful Reply

I had this problem. I uninstalled Bearshare but my browser kept repopulating the home screen options field with the bearshare search site. I emailed them a few times and got nowhere but eventually was told to remove the mdeia bar. I searched for it and found Media Bar 2.0 which in uninstalled.

My browser has subsequently remained faitherful to the home page I designate and despite numerous reboots (The thing that kept trigering the bearshare problem) It has behaved itself and stayed where I put it.

Hope this helps anyone else having this problem. Sneeky Bearshare folks make it difficult. How was I supposed to know it was called media bar 2.0.......


ardickins 0 solutions 5 answers

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You need to unistall mediabar

fbearshare 0 solutions 1 answers

Hey dude, thank you!!! I have been trying to get that xxx off my internet for xxx forever man, im glad i found this website man, thank you, how the hell was i suppose to know to delete media bar? I mean who would think of that, but anyways! thank you dude, thank you so much

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lahinchlad 0 solutions 1 answers

Hi, I had this promlem afterdownloading something from bearshare, I got rid of it by reseting my computer back to a date prior to the download then restarting the computer and the ******* thing had gone hope this works for you