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hate sidebar, how do I get rid of it and revert to opening bookmarks from toolbar


Hate the sidebar. How do I get rid of sidebar and open pages in a new tab from the bookmark toolbar. I have ticked "open in new tab" in preferences and installed an add on. Neither work. Am I missing something ? is there a way to open bookmarked pages in new tab simply by clicking on it in the bookmark toolbar. If not whats the point of having it there.

Chosen solution

Middle-click or {Ctrl + Click} on a bookmark should open that bookmark in a new tab.

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Chosen Solution

Middle-click or {Ctrl + Click} on a bookmark should open that bookmark in a new tab.

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{Ctrl + Click} works, thanks, but I'm lazy and it's still prefer the single click and I'm there. Can I get rid of the side bar for good without having to x out each time ?

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Oh dear, it sometimes works and other times not. I get the dropdown with open in new tab option.. it's so cumbersome compared to click and hey presto...

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I had the same problem. Couldn't stop the sidebar from loading when launching FF4. Finally just used the tried and true method: uninstalled FF4 and then re-installed it from a fresh download of the setup file (backed up my bookmarks first, of course, which is pretty easy in FF!). (When uninstalling, I checked the box for removing all personal preferences. This was key.)

After the re-install, the problem seems to have cleared up. I've re-imported my bookmarks and now I'm good to go. I may have to re-install a few add-ons, but that's ok since many of them weren't compatible with the new FF version anyway.

(PS: I'm using FF on a PC running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.]