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How do I transfer bookmarks from one sign in user on my computer to myself at another user sign in on same computer? [XP pro]


Using an administrator account as daily sign in has caused me trojans I think so I have created a new sign in user name for myself and have to set up everything to that user name. How do I transfer all my bookmarks from original user to the new one?

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If you want the 2nd account to have exactly the same bookmarks as the first, use the following procedure to back them up to a JSON file, then restore that file on the 2nd account, this will replace any bookmarks that currently exist on the 2nd account - https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Backing+up+and+restoring+bookmarks

If you want to add the bookmarks from the 1st account to those that already exist in the 2nd, export them to an HTML file and import that file on the 2nd:

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Thanks for that; it worked but a small word of preparedness. I was originally in an administrator account when I put the hot mail code as advised on the desktop but it did not appear on desk top of new account [non admin]. Returned to original and put code into shared documents folder. Back to new account and then using import all was OK. Thanks