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Why won't Firefox always inset my saved username and password into my Favorite websites?


I save my passwords and usernames to the various websites I visit often. I like that feature. But I don't save usernames and passwords to sensitive sites like my banking! I memorize those.

Anyway, this comes in handy when I want to check the weather or night sky or whatever when I can just go to the website and my username and password are already filled in the blank. All I have to do is just click the Sign In button and I am there.

My problem is that sometimes Firefox will not fill in the blank even though the password and username have been saved and remembered (when it asks me if I want Firefox to remember this username and password) . I still have to type it in manually.

And that's not all. Sometime Firefox fills in the blank everytime. Sometimes it finishes filling in the blank when prompted. In other words, when I start to manually fill in the blank by typing the first letter, Firefox will then go ahead and finish filling in the blanks.

Sometimes , when I have two similar starting names (say passwords that start with an S), I type the S, then Firefox displays a choice between the two with a drop down menu. I choose the one I want and Firefox does the rest. It works well in doing that.

Sometimes there are several different Log In pages that get asked to be remembered by Firefox. I don't know why this is happening either. But even with that, Firefox will not even pick from those two or three (of the very same username and password) to fill in any blanks.

And then once again, sometimes Firefox will ask about remembering the username and password and I say Yes, then it simply does not remember to fill it in the blanks.

I want consistency from Firefox. I simply want it to remember all those passwords and usernames like it says it will do.....then apply that information to fill in the blanks each and every time.

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get Firefox to do that?

Thank you in advance.

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More Information

I have tried Removing the username and password from the Saved List and starting again when Fireofx asks me if I want them remembered. But this approach does not seem to work. It still won't apply the remembered names to the blanks.

Himanshu Garg 15 solutions 160 answers

If your username and passwords are not filled automatically, then refresh that page and try. It's a normal firefox bechaviour that you are talking about, that sometimes it fills automatically, sometimes on typing.

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Question owner

Yes, this reply was helpful but has not solved anything. You are right in that Firefox won't recognize some blanks to fill in usernames and passwords. I can fill it all in manually and click the Remember Password? button and Sign Out.....then Sign On again (thinking the username and password should now be there filled in) and they are not.

But equally, sometime I have no problem with correctly filled in usernames and passwords.

I still don't know what to do to solve this permanently. But I will try and remember to try your suggestion and Refresh the page first. Thanks.

I await any further replies from anyone on how to fix this issue.

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You can try to double click the user name field and if that doesn't work then click outside the form and try again to click the user name field.

Question owner

Thanks. I will try these things you all suggest. It may take some time to test this as I don't remember which of my sites were acting up. I can only try when I go to a site and see how it is behaving. Then I'll let you know.

Thanks again. But still this doesn't specify a permanent fix....rather this is just a temporary onsite solution which may work just to get me by. I appreciate it but I'm still seeking a permanent fix to the problem so I never have to worry about it happening again.

Please take no offense, I am just wondering if such a solution is out there. Thanks.

Question owner

I have pinned down an example. I just created a HotMail account and it is not working to fill in the password.

I have a Yahoo email account and all I have to do there is start typing my first letter of my username when it will show me the rest of my username. Then I simply click on that and it fills in. At the same time, the password is filled in, too.

Not so with the HotMail account. I type the first letter of my username here and the rest of my username shows and I click on it and it fills in.

But the password never does fill in. I tried refreshing the page. All that did was wipe out the info I already had entered. And the password still would not fill in when I tried to fill everything in again. It seems locked in this cycle.

Why won't it work like the Yahoo account? Is there a way to fix it to make it work like the Yahoo account?

I hope someone can help.

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It has been a long time ago that saving and filling passwords on the login.live.com worked properly with the Firefox password manager. The site currently uses JavaScript to write the page content (View > Page Source) with the login form and the password manager in current Firefox versions does not work in this case.

Question owner

I am currently using Firefox3.6.15. I see there is now a new Firefox 4. Could it work for me?

If not, why is Firefox not addressing this issue? What would it take to fix it? I wouldn't understand the JavaScript you mention. I looked at it. How does one interpret that page?

Thanks for the reply.

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See this bug report:

  • Bug 518516 – Make login manager work with JS generated forms (after pageload)

(please do not comment in bug reports; you can vote instead)

Question owner

I don't know what I am looking at exactly (the bug reports) except that it looks like the issue is being addressed? Is that it?

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The issue is reported, but I do not see any activity from devs in the bug. You can register on Bugzilla and vote for that bug to show your interest in getting this issue fixed.