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is there a keyboard shortcut for the firefox orange button?


could not find this information on your keyboard shortcuts page

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sean2078 0 solutions 1 answers

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FYI - It should be a punishable CRIME to not add keyboard shortcuts to key features in programs .. Everyone vote ppl .. We should also create a defect / bug - Can someone please do this? TY

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Press F10 or tap the Alt key to bring up the "Menu Bar" temporarily or press the access key for the menu that you want to access directly (e.g. Alt+T for the Tools menu)

Rob Elemans 0 solutions 3 answers

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Not only does the Firefox button have no access key (that I know of), once you open it with the mouse, you can't navigate through the items with your keyboard either. This is a major accessibility screwup. Please fix this, it can't be that hard, can it?

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It's been like that for 10 months already, and now it's a problem?

Why not use the Alt or F10 key to open the old Menu Bar and then use the keyboard for the Menu Bar items as cor-el explained?

Rob Elemans 0 solutions 3 answers

It's been a "problem" for 10 months, not just now. I don't understand why Mozilla doesn't fix this.

Using alt or f10 to open the menus is not a solution to the Firefox button not working with the keyboard any more than "just use the mouse" is, nor is it much of an argument to not care about the issue.

jakobcornell 0 solutions 3 answers

They should try nabbing Alt + Esc for this. Start a petition or something!

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The Firefox button is meant to be used with the mouse and thus doesn't have keyboard shortcuts.
You will have to use the classic menu if you want to use the keyboard.
Actually, the main menu bar hides menu entries if you use the mouse to open menus in the menu bar.
Compare the File and Edit and View menu when opened with the mouse after pressing F10 and when opened with their Alt shortcut key.

Rob Elemans 0 solutions 3 answers

How is "it's meant to be used with the mouse and thus doesn't have keyboard shortcuts" a valid excuse for poor usability? It isn't. It's the whole "it's not a bug, it's a feature" argument all over again. It's some kind of custom control that is simply not finished.

Try Opera and see what they did. If you don't care to, here's how that goes: you press alt, and whereas Firefox pops up the "old" menus, Opera will "open" that button. That, and you can then keep using the keyboard to navigate the menu under the button, including shortcuts and everything.

Firefox is halfway there: it'll close the Firefox-button-menu when you press alt (but not open the menu like it would if you didn't open the menu under the orange button). ;)

Gingerbread Man
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This is an inter-user support forum. Whether others agree or disagree with you here has no bearing on Firefox features being added or bugs being fixed.

If you want to send your opinion or suggestion to Mozilla, click the Firefox button, open the Help submenu, then choose Submit Feedback.

If you want to submit a bug report or a request for an enhancement, you would normally go to Bugzilla. But in this case, it seems at least two bug reports have been filed already, so it's not necessary.

  • Bug 575279 - Add keyboard shortcut for the Firefox menu button
  • Bug 708753 - Firefox Button menu items has broken keyboard support, and is missing accelerators (underlined letters)

In a nutshell:
The developers were intent on using Alt+F (this is consistent with recent versions of Microsoft Office and applications like Wordpad on Windows 7). But because implementing this feature is technically complex, and it's not a big priority, it has yet to happen.

jakobcornell 0 solutions 3 answers

My thoughts exactly!

You should suggest this in Firefox feedback here: http://input.mozilla.org/feedback

john989 1 solutions 8 answers

I will only provide links for the bugs brought up by Gingerbread_Man so they are easier to find.

We will need to vote for these two bugs to get the Firefox menu to work with the keyboard. You can create an account in bugzilla so you can vote.