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why firefox won't save sorted bookmarks


I sort the bookmarks in a folder and when I go back to that folder the bookmarks are not sorted. Why don't the bookmarks remained sorted?

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The Views menu in the Bookmarks Manager (Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks) is for displaying the bookmarks in different sorting orders (hence the name Views) and doesn't sort bookmarks permanently.

In Firefox 3 and later versions the option to sort bookmarks is only available for folders and not for individual bookmarks. Right-click a folder to open the context menu and choose "Sort By Name" in the left pane of the Bookmarks Manager or in the side bar to sort the bookmarks alphabetically or drag bookmarks to the wanted position. If dragging doesn't work then use Cut and Paste instead.

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Sorting_and_rearranging_bookmarks_-_Firefox

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I usually suggest using the Bookmarks sidebar to sort bookmarks. The right-click menu option still works there (it works at the "top level" if you right-click Bookmarks Menu near the top of the sidebar).

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Firefox 12 here. Yes, you can sort, but the sort doesn't stick, it just lets you look. I want to change the default so that it sorts by date added for my Current Clippings folder.

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Hi mdover,

I want to change the default so that it sorts by date added for my Current Clippings folder.

To automatically keep one folder sorted a particular way, you probably need an add-on. This one looks promising, but I haven't tested it myself: SortPlaces :: Add-ons for Firefox.

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Thanks so much! So happens I found that on another strand. It is working! It lets me sort my bookmarks, syncrhonize with zmarks and publish my clippings.