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can't get facebook to load any pages


Every time I've tried to access Facebook today I've encountered problems. Sometimes I can get it to load the login page and when I log in, my home page is blank. I got it to load my homepage once, and when I tried to access my messages, it went to a blank page. I have tried to refresh and reload the page numerous times and it still does the same thing. I've shut the computer down and re-started it, and the same result. Myspace, Yahoo and Hotmail load just fine, as do other websites. I've cleared my history and cache, and am at a loss now! Can anyone help?

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Firefox version is 3.6.7 Operating system is Windows 7 not sure if I have plugins installed or not

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As same as the above

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Have the same problem. Tried accessing it with different browsers and computers. Result: Blank page.

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same problem

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Same problem.

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same problem too

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i have also the problem on IE or chrome

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i have the same problem ... when i log in to my homepage at facebook ... i can't go to my profile or messages or friends profiles .. or even any page on facebook ... so anyone help us in this problem

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The problem always come when we use squid proxy, some people use "http11 on" to solve this for squid version 2.7. (it's only work only at version squid 2.7) But no solution for squid version below 2.7, the funny thing is IE7 work perfectly without changing anything, so i guess IE7 support for http1.1 is better than firefox.

(Facebook+Firefox+Squid below ver.2.7=page blank) / (Facebook+IE7+Squid below ver 2.7=Working Page) I hope Mozzila can fix this, coz this "page blank" happen many time for this past years.