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dlinksearch has hijacked my address bar


when I type in the address bar a web site, for example "espn" it throws me to a search results page which says, "Did you mean espn.com?" In the address bar this appears, http://www1.dlinksearch.com/main?url=espn WHAT IS dlinksearch??? and why has it taken over my address bar?

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Turns out this is a setting that DLink have helpfully added in their router firmware. The solution is to go to the router settings, find setup/internet/manual internet connection setup and unclick "Enable Advanced DNS Service".

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is there any other way to do this? im using wireless connection and the landlord that provides the internet is not here and the modem is locked up. please advise if there is a way to remove this from the computer. Thanks so much.

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Sorry if I'm late, but the best way to remove it is to do this.

Doing that also speeds up web browsing and adds security features.

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