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how do I get version 68 back?

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How do I get v. 68 back? This 78 really messed up my settings and email addresses no longer work!

Is there an easy way to get it back and keep my mail?

PLEASE help!

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PART-1: (downgrade)


user:WayneMery pointed out your original TB problem.

i see that, your TB upgraded & then after that you've lost access to your old emails & new emails, before the upgrade process happened, and after upgrade you've tried to add account but it warned you: ...server already exists.

it appears that you've used Windows10 & Firefox to submit the problem, so i'm assuming TB was/is used in Win10.

AV = Anti-Virus.

Before you begin OPTION-1 in below, do this please: disable AV/FW/SS software's mail-protection, see last AV paragraphs here. Restart TB, & see if that helped to solve. if not, then proceed to OPTION-1.


in Windows, your OLD EMAILS and your OLD TB PROFILE-DATA are inside this folder: “%APPDATA%\Thunderbird“ or “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Thunderbird“ in Command-Prompt, if you try this command: echo "%APPDATA%" then it will show you the exact FOLDER LOCATION, what this %APPDATA% (env-var) means. You need to know/remember/write that exact location. for-example: "C:\Users\<WindowsUserName>\AppData\Roaming\" "%LOCALAPPDATA%" is "C:\Users\<WindowsUserName>\AppData\Local\"

RUN WINDOWS-EXPLORER (FILE-BROWSER) AS PRIVILEGED USER: in Windows search box type explorer, item will appear, Right-click on Windows-Explorer item/icon, choose/select > Run As Administrator, or choose/select Other/More-options > Run As Administrator.

Please goto new-TB > Help > Troubleshooting Information > press Ctrl+F to find word this & type: about:profiles, click-on about:profiles > write down the active Root ("%APPDATA%") & Local ("%LOCALAPPDATA%") PROFILE folder/directory name(s) , they will have the word .default at-end (or other profile name at-end), and these folder/directory names begin with random alpha-numeric characters/letters/numbers, etc, like: "xxxxxxxx.default". for-example: "C:\Users\<WindowsUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\" lets call this random alpha-numeric chars just "new.default".

MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF ALL DATA INTO A BACKUP-FOLDER, BEFORE YOU DO TB DOWNGRADE: if new-TB or any TB is running, close+exit from it/all. Browse into the “%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\“ (or “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Thunderbird\“) sub-folder location inside your Windows-Explorer. open the “Profiles” sub-folder. you may see multiple SUB-FOLDERS that ends with “.default” as last-word, and begins with bunch of random ALPHA-NUMERIC CHARACTERS, press Ctrl+A (to select all items inside the “Profiles” sub-folder), then press Ctrl+C (to create a COPY instruction in buffer memory), then goto windows "Desktop", create a sub-folder called "BAK", go inside that "BAK" folder on "Desktop", press Ctrl+V (to PASTE all files & sub-folder items inside the "BAK" folder, which were chosen by Ctrl+C).



DOWNLOAD TB SETUP/INSTALLER FILE/PROGRAM: download exact same v68 version that you were using earlier, or last of v68 series, from below location: find version number & click on it > click-on "win64" > if you were using "en-US" locality edition, then click-on "en-US" > download the setup exe file.

Make a folder "BAK-v78-x" in your windows DESKTOP: exit from all TB, if any TB is running. go inside the "C:\Program Files\" folder if you use TB 64bit , in your Windows-Explorer . goto "C:\Program Files (x86)\" folder if you use TB 32bit. find & click-once on "Mozilla Thunderbird" sub-folder , press Ctrl+X (to create Cut command for the selected item), go inside the "BAK-v78-x" folder in your DESKTOP, & press Ctrl+V (to move(cut+paste) new TB into that backup folder).

RUN OLD-VERSION TB setup exe INSTALLER: make sure to do this during installation : do not select the option that says: Run it after installation <- unselect this option. finish setup. After installing older-version TB , YOU MUST STOP AUTO-UPDATE IN (OLDER-VERSION) TB , (please upvote my Q+A there, if its helpful).

in WINDOWS-EXPLORER, (make sure explorer is pre-configured to show full file extension), browse into “%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\“ (or “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Thunderbird\Profiles\“) sub-folder location, it has more sub-folders under it, these sub-folders' name will begin with random alpha-numeric characters & their name may end with .default or .default-bak or other (profile name) word, if you see a sub-folder that has "new.default" (goto top side to find out what this "new.default" means), then that is your last upgraded (new) TB version's default profile. go inside each "xxxxxxxx.default" profile sub-folders, try to find a file named "abook.mab.bak" or "history.mab.bak", etc, you have to (select those .bak files, and) copy (Ctrl+C) those files inside EACH "xxxxxxxx.default" folder that is now used by the last installed old-version TB, as it's default profile, (just copy, if asked/promted to overwrite, don't do overwrite, do 'rename' or 'skip'), and then rename "abook.mab.bak" into "abook.mab", and rename "history.mab.bak" into "history.mab", etc, "abook.mab" is your address-book file, "history.mab" is history records file, etc. You MAY also have to fix some settings in "pref.js" file , it is inside profile folder , make a copy of this file, & right-click on it & open it with a text-editor / notepad++ app, etc.

GOTO "Command-Prompt" or Run WINDOW: run this command to downgrade if you use TB (64bit) , include the double-quote symbols in command: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" --allow-downgrade if you use TB 32bit then use below command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" --allow-downgrade

When TB (Thunderbird) appears on screen, first thing you do is Disable Auto-Update in Thunderbird (please upvote my Q+A there, if its helpful): goto these below sub-folder locations, and delete "updater.exe" file, if it exists there: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\“ “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\updates\“ “%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\updates\“ “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Thunderbird\updates\“ if you use 32bit TB, then also check these folders: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\“ “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\updates\

Please goto old-version TB > Help > Troubleshooting Information > press Ctrl+F then type this to find this word: about:profiles, click-on about:profiles > write down the active Root ("%APPDATA%") & Local ("%LOCALAPPDATA%") folder/directory name , it will have the word .default at-end, and folder/directory name begins with random alpha-numeric characters/letters/numbers, etc. lets call this random alpha-numeric chars just "old-version.default". write it down. check if older accounts & older emails, older folders, etc are back in v68 series TB, or not. if old data & settings are not yet back, then exit/close TB. in Windows-Explorer, goto older-version TB's profile folder location: “%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\old-version.default“ you have to check & make sure that correct .mab, etc files exist in this "old-version.default" folder, So IF those .mab ("abook.mab", "history.mab", etc), etc files do not exist here, then copy-paste those from other "xxxxxxxx.default" profile location(s) into this "older-version.default" profile location, that is used by older-version v68 series TB . Also fix the "pref.js" file, shown 2-paragraphs above ). exit/close TB, restart TB, this time it should reload all older data back.

if old data is still not back yet, check PART-2

TB = Thunderbird . FF = Firefox.

More info: (VERY HELPFUL) TB Config Editors & Config Files (for older TB, but VERY HELPFUL) (for newer TB, profile folder location) (for older TB, but Very HELPFUL) (for very old TB, but may be helpful)

Modified by atErik


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FWIW, Pam's original problem, where she still needs help, is at


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if TB (in Windows) still has not loaded older data+settings, etc yet: exit-out / close TB, if its running. run this command: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -P --allow-downgrade if you use 32bit TB, then run below command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -P --allow-downgrade that -P is for profile-window, a small window will appear from TB, & ask+allow you to choose a profile, choose a profile that was used by older TB, (do not choose the "new.default" profile that was used by the new-version-TB ). restart TB , check again, if you have got back older data+settings, etc. it should show all old data+settings, as we are using old-profile.

check other OPTIONS mentioned here.

TB = Thunderbird.

Check Other HELPFUL related ANSWERS, inside these pages: (various OPTIONS: downgrade, second-TB, file-transfer) (downgrade TB v78+ series into v68 series) (Get emails from older TB profile) (Undo v78, Get back v68) (do not do "Empty recycle bin", if you're instructed to do so there) also check TB-SUMO (this site), & search for TB problem fixing, or downgrade or other solutions.

Modified by atErik


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