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How to install Firefox on computer w/o browser?

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I need to install Firefox on a computer which does not have a browser. The operating system on this computer is Windows 7 Home Premium (2009). I have another computer which does have Firefox. The operating system on this computer is Windows 7 Professional (2009). I am able to move files between these two computers. Please help.

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To summarize what I had to do - an instruction for dummies: Computer A = computer w/o browser Computer B = computer with browser 1. On computer B download the Firefox installer version for Windows (which is the file Firefox Setup 60.0.2.exe) from You are being prompted whether to “save” this Setup file. Answer “Yes.” This Setup file will be automatically saved on computer B depending on how your computer is set up, where the downloads go. On my computer it is under Favorites, Downloads. (This is where I had a problem, I was not able to find this Firefox Setup file). 2. Move the Firefox Setup file (the Firefox installer) to an external device (like a memory stick) 3. Copy the Firefox Setup file to the computer A. 4. On computer A run the installer (Firefox Setup file) by double clicking on it to install Firefox.

For future reference, you download something and don't know where it saved to, Firefox has a button to open the location on your computer. In the Downloads drop-down, there is a folder icon. Clicking this will open the folder that the file is saved in.

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Simply download the Firefox installer to the computer with Firefox, move that you an external device (like a USB) and then copy that to the computer without Firefox. Then run the installer to install Firefox.

Hope this helps.

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You can download the full offline setup of current Firefox version for Windows from

Then transfer the file over with say a usb flash drive.

An old alternative option was to use a ftp client or even by ftp commandline to download Firefox but Mozilla discontinued the ftp protocol on their servers back on Aug 5, 2015.

Modified by James

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I do not know how to "download the Firefox installer to the computer with Firefox."

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I posted the website to download Firefox from

Just save it to disk and then transfer it over to the other computer as you said you are able to moves files between computers.

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I posted the website to download Firefox from

In your first answer you have misspelled the link. But, I tried the corrected link anyhow; however, the only option the system is giving me was to "save" the file w/o asking me where. I do not know where this file is and what its name is.

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HI, all links posted are good. The file name is : Firefox Setup 60.0.2.exe It can be found in the default or where you selected downloads to go to. That can be found under Options --> General --> Files and Applications

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Here is the link sent to me by James: You can download the full offline setup of current Firefox version for Windows from

Isn't it misspelled?

I am sorry, but maybe we are dealing with a different operation system. Please be patient with me, I am 70-year old and need exact details. I do not see "Options --> General --> Files and Applications." Where is it?

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Yes it is mispelled. It looks like he corrected the spelling after he send to you re the modified date and time. Use any of them that are there no as they are all correct.

From the 3Bar menu at the far right corner in line with the address bar : Click on Options which will Open to General then go down the page to Files and Applications.

If you have the Menu Bar toolbar open at the top of the browser with File/Edit/View/Bookmarks/Tools.....Please Click on Tools then Options

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You are in Firefox, not in the Operating System doing the above.

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Hi, or with Firefox open Copy/Paste about:preferences to the address bar and press enter. You will near where you need to be.

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Here is where I am. I am using your link provided and it opens your page where I am choosing English (US) and then a proper download. A small window opens asking me whether I want to SAVE the setup.exe file. This is the only option I am given - or to Cancel. I am not provided with an option where to save this file. When I click "save" the small windows disappears and I do not know where to go from there. I do not understand any other explanation from you, I am so sorry. I do not see "Options" or anything else you are providing. I do not see them, because this page I am directed to does not have them.

I do have Firefox installed on this computer; perhaps this is the problem?

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Hi, just save the file then get it from how you have been told to find it after it is saved.

What I have told you is not in the save box as I mentioned it is in line with the Address Bar.

Save the File................

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You will find the file after you have downloaded in the folder that is depicted in you Firefox. Note it may not be what is shown in the picture, you will have to go to as described to find where it is :

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If it shows as the picture describes in Downloads then the File is in C:\Users\ ? what ever your personal account is ? \downloads.

This is not to be mixed up with downloading but needs to be done : Separate Security Issue, please update your Flash 11.7 r700 by removing it as it is so old with this : Flash Player Version: Current Version Step 1: Select Operating System Step 2: Select A Version (Firefox, . . . .) Note: Other software is offered in the download. <Windows Only>

Modified by Shadow110

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Or go to the location in the Picture and change it to where you want it to download to then download it,.

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IT DOES NOT TELL ME WHERE THIS FILE IS SAVED! I keep asking about this and none of you have ever answered. That is why I am sending all these questions. I have searched on my computer under Mozilla Firefox directory and I do not see a setup exe. file. I only have firefox.exe file.

Please explain this: with Firefox open Copy/Paste about:preferences to the address bar and press enter

Firefox directory on my computer? I do not see "about: preferences" and which address bar are you talking about? Please understand that I am not familiar with technical shortcuts, with computer language. What does this mean "with Firefox open"?

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Hi, please look at this :

Note where the about:preferences is...................

It has been answered by me several times now.

The file name is as posted before : Firefox Setup 60.0.2.exe

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For Pkshadow: Thank you! I found the setup file and have successfully installed Firefox on the other computer.

I understand now that the default directory is "Downloads" and I was looking for this setup file under my "Mozilla Firefox" directory.

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Hi, glad you found it and are installed. You have the Articles that will guide you to set the download folder anywhere you want to be, even the Desktop.

Please update your Adobe Flash as per instructions earlier. Possible will need to do the same on the one you just installed on.


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