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No longer able to fully customize?

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I updated my Firefox version either yesterday or the day before. I'm currently running Aurora 29.0a2. Ever since I updated, I've found several issues:

I am no longer able to customize my browser according to the steps found here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/customize-firefox-controls-buttons-and-toolbars?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=How+to+customize+the+toolbar

When I go in to customize, all I can do is move around the buttons. I used to be able to add in spacing, but there's no longer an option for that. I can't move my tabs bar underneath the url bar, which is how I used to have it (shame on me for clicking "Restore defaults"). Is there another place where there are proper customization options?

Also, my status bar seems to have disappeared. On the status bar I had the loading text and hover-url text, as well as fox clocks. The entire bar is gone. I can manage with Status4ever, but if I try to have the status text show up in the actual status bar, it doesn't. There is no bottom bar at all. Is there some option I need to select somewhere or something?

Thanks in advance.

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This is most unhelpful.

I am on Chrome right now, which I previously HATED, because I can't do anything with Firefox. I made the mistake of restoring defaults. I lost everything.

I installed the Classic Theme Restorer, but I still can't customize anything. I drag icons to the toolbars, but they don't stick to them. I am desperate since Firefox automatically updated from 28 to 30.

I loved Firefox, and been using it for years, so I am both sad and angry about not being able to use it anymore. I'll look for an older version and install that one for the time being

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Hi animealam, if you used the Firefox Reset feature, your old settings should be in a folder on your desktop named Old Firefox Data. For advice on how to restore from that folder, please start a new question, as this one already is marked Solved. Thanks.

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Thanks for the prompt response,

I'm on a mac, and there was nothing no Old Firefox Data. I had a previous download of firefox 29, it somewhat worked. So I uninstalled 30 and installed 29. Now I can't access my Firefox Sync account to get everything back. It does not recognize my user name.

These new versions are more of a nightmare than Chrome is, and I'm reduced to using it if I want access to the Internet (Safari is even worse) . I'll go look for version 26 which hopefully will recognize my Sync account.

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the new ff look is nice and slick, but the feature of being able to place icons in the status bar was very handy to avoid overpopulating the top toolbar with icons.

Also, the use of spacers made icons more comfortable to click and allowed to separate them by category, too.

I really hope the new updates will come out with a solution to this issue other than installing inefficient add-ons

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Sorry, Mozilla isn't going restore the "statusbar" - it's gone.

If you want the old add-on bar (the "statusbar" was deprecated in Firefox 4) at the bottom of the browser window, you're gonna need an extension to restore that feature.

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well, that's too bad, really

I don't see the point in removing a useful feature from a browser supposedly created with the purpose of improving at each update to fit user's needs and become the best web tool available.

We know there's a plug-in for every need, but someone should explain to me the reason for this kind of choice.

Plug-ins sometime may turn the browser unstable or use an excessive amount of memory, too. Personally I'd rather install as less as possible of them.

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