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When I Alt+Tab and come back to FF, what I had typed in Awesome Bar is replaced with URL of homepage. Only occurs in a new tab with new tab set to display home.

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For a new search I open up a new tab and start typing in the Awesome Bar. Then, before I hit ENTER, I Alt+Tab to a different program in Windows and Alt+Tab back to FF with the INTENT of typing/pasting the rest of my search query, only to find out that what I had typed initially has been replaced with the new tab's URL (homepage). This does not happen when I set the new tabs to be FF's default or I use a tab that is NOT new (no problem when The problem does not occur when I navigate to my homepage from an old tab and try to search.

It's quite common for me to Alt+Tab away from FF in the middle of typing my search query so that I can type in particular phrases precisely (e.g. an error message).

Here are some workarounds that are problematic, please do not suggest them:

1. Do not set new tab to display homepage / do not have a homepage / set new tabs to be FF default then press Alt+Home to view homepage.

2. Use search bar (Ctrl+K) instead of awesome bar. Can't use shortcuts for different search engines in search bar, also doesn't give suggestions.

3. Start the query with what's on the other window; type or paste in this information first.

This problem did not exist for earlier versions of FF. It started a few versions ago.

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Hi nosauce, if you set the awesomebar to suggest nothing, when you navigate away, does the text still disappear? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/awesome-bar-find-your-bookmarks-hist...

I was also wondering if you can disable java script just for the homepage url?