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Firefox Opening new windows reverts to original Window

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Just started with this problem, when I open a new window which is my preference rather than Tabs I find that whereas it used to open the new window and that was active, it is now opening a new window and then reverting to the original one.

Any ideas?

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What a pesky bug! But finally a workaround that works for me! Thanks to niekkouwenberg and Kudos for finding this and for telling the world! I still don't understand why this doesn't affect everyone - especially if the use of 'protected mode' is the reason.

Unfortunately those not savvy enough won't understand at first how to fix their Flash mms.cfg file. But it's worth trying and it's a good learning experience.

Thanks niekkouwenberg for a great workaround!

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It will work right up to the next release of shock, what a pos! Hard to believe this is still going on....

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well, i don't know how this mod will affect the security of FF. Will it comprmise a feature of FF? I just home it isn't making FF less secure.

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Looks like they may have finally fixed this problem with the latest Flash release (11.6.602.168). I have yet to have it happen since I updated earlier this morning.

'knock on wood'

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Nope the problem is not resolved after downloading the latest version of Flash, so back to uninstalling, rebooting applying the old version Flash Player

When are FF goes to finally resolve this?

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You will need to find someone who gives a flip first, something that is getting harder and harder to find

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If you're still having the problem then I don't know what's going on. I haven't changed anything except for installing the latest version of Flash (update that required a manual download of a new installer, which they occasionally do). The issue has yet to manifest itself since the update this morning. Between yesterday when it still happened and today when it stopped the only thing that changed on my end was the new Flash version.

If others are still experiencing this after the latest update then there's something else screwy going on other than just Flash itself I would presume.

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I hate tabs, always have. I disable the only choice on Options>Tabs "Open New Window in a new tab instead" BUT all that does is overright the window I'm on which is just plain STUPID. I just want to click a link (not have to right click and choose Open in New Window) so it will automatically open in a NEW window. PERIOD.

Recently I've noticed another irritant after I've been doing a lot of surfing and end up with multiple windows with multiple tabs each. If I start clearing them by saving links to a folder, as soon as I drag and drop one link from one tab to the file manager folder of MY choice (I don't do bookmarks) one or more of the OTHER windows with multiple tabs sitting BELOW the one I'm trying to empty comes to the front. WTF?? I want to stay on one window and save and then clear its tabs, not have other windows surface and cover the window I'm focused on.

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