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How do I remove MyStart:Incredibar ?

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I have an issue with one of my Firefox extensions/plugins, it's called MyStart: Incredibar, and I basically installed unintentionally when I installed a program with a Brothersoft downloader/launcher. I tried uninstalling Mystart and I tried permanently stopping the service that updates the MyStart incredibar plugin. What it basically does is, when I open a new tab in Firefox, it opens some sort of website, I don't have a problem with it loading a search engine, the only problem I have regarding the search engine is that every time I open a new tab, it actually loads a new page. I even tried resetting the certain figures in about:config which helped temporarily, but after I restart Firefox then it still runs the search engine when I open a new tab. I use Eset Nod32 and Anti-Malmwarebytes as my system's defense, and I've tried scanning with both of them but they don't help at all, does anyone have information that will permanently remove this plugin from my PC?

Screenshot of this problem can be found HERE

My About:Config settings looks like THIS

I have an issue with one of my '''Firefox extensions/plugins''', it's called '''MyStart: Incredibar''', and I basically installed unintentionally when I installed a program with a '''Brothersoft downloader/launcher. ''' I tried uninstalling '''Mystart '''and I tried permanently stopping the service that updates the '''MyStart incredibar plugin'''. What it basically does is, when I open a new tab in '''Firefox''', it opens some sort of website, I don't have a problem with it loading a '''search engine''', the only problem I have regarding the search engine is that every time I open a '''new tab''', it actually loads a '''new page'''. I even tried '''resetting '''the certain figures in about:config which helped '''temporarily''', but after I restart Firefox then it still runs the search engine when I open a new tab. I use '''Eset Nod32''' and '''Anti-Malmwarebytes''' as my system's defense, and I've tried scanning with both of them but they don't help at all, does anyone have information that will '''permanently''' remove this plugin from my PC? Screenshot of this problem can be found [http://gyazo.com/afb43833ef28e472af28522ac350188e HERE] My About:Config settings looks like [http://gyazo.com/047e4c96ff95b07159f6be256ac5daad THIS]

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I've removed it from Explorer and Chrome, but not so lucky with Firefox. Same problem: when I open a new tab it appears (with iPhones dancing across the bottom of the screen). I actually thought Spybot S&D had removed it as it found something in the registry, but no.

Looking at about:config, I have about 60 lines all starting with extensions.incredibar. As you say, changing things don't stay changed. I've deleted the address that it goes to but it makes no difference. Has to be something else in the registry.

I'm thinking the only way is to save bookmarks and reinstall Firefox. ugh. I'll keep at it.

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If you did all those steps and still have the Incredibar in Firefox, then here is a Complete Removal Guide:

A. Removing All Regenerating Scripts of Incredibar

  1. Open Your Profile Locations:
  • "C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{NAME}.default\
  1. Search in the Search Bar "PREFS"
  2. Open all files found in Notepad++
  3. You will find a Line at the END of each file:
  4. user_pref("browser.newtab.url", "http://mystart.incredibar.com/...")
  5. Remove That Line or you can just use the Replace Function to replace the whole line in all of the Opened Files with a Blank Space
  6. Save and Restart Firefox
  7. Go To about:config and write "MyStart", right click to the result "browser.newtab.url" and click RESET
  8. Write in the search bar "Incredibar" and press Enter
  9. Remove all Entries by clicking them and choosing Delete

B. Removing All Registry Keys:

  1. Open Regedit by Start>Run>Regedit and Pressing Enter
  2. Click Edit>Find and Write "Incredibar"
  3. Delete all Relevant Keys when found

C. Scanning For More Checks

  1. Download "Spybot: Search and Destroy Spybot: Search and Destroy"
  2. Install it and Update
  3. Click Search and let it finish
  4. If there are any Results select to Clean them

After all these Steps Restart your Computer

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I had this dam nasty stuff on firefox and chrome, I wish MS Firefox Google would patch against this stuff, I followed a step by step guide dedicated to removing mystart from firefox which worked perfectly http://www.bybe.net/blog/removing-mystart-incredibar-search-from-firefox.html Now, all I got to do is remove it from Chrome :|

A lot easier to remove this than it was when I caught conduit the other week, GOSH I think I need to invest in some Spyware Software... Anyone know a good one?

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1. It's fine, you got finally rid of it. I can imagine how it was because I had the same problem and I hit many keys before solving it.

2. Regarding Crome, I found this is a real problem. Google tries to install this application backdoor together with free software and if you don't pay attention you will get it. Best recommendation: if you don't want such software to be installed without your consent on your machine, read the installation dialogs carefully and mind google Chrome ... sorry, I have nothing against google - I'm using their search engine for about 20 years and it helped me out many times, but the PR methods they try to spread Chrome around is something bothering me.

Make the best of it and just be relaxed bro.

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Heh, I wish I had seen the second page of this thread a day ago.... aggelosy, your post is awesome! I spent a day and several hours trying to figure out why prefs.js kept being regenerated with the bad "browser.newtab.url" property, when I had gotten rid of user.js. I had to reset the whole bloody Windows index for the profile directory before I could search the contents of .js files for the offending URL. Either way, I totally agree, although you beat me to figuring out how it works by 4 days. Resetting or reinstalling the browser is still probably a better option for most users, but if you feel comfortable messing around in the bowels of Firefox, then this one really gets to the root of the problem with no need to reset or change any but the bad settings, and really helps you understand how the infection was managed.

Clever little bug, this...

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I was able to remove incredibar with this post http://adhocshare.blogspot.in/2012/08/remove-mystartincredibarcom.html

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thank you all for the help . I was able to rid my computer of the thing easily by using the one link to do so . sent in by one person. I cant remember the name. and couldn't figure out how to answer.back then.

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This was the best link! Thanks!

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Ok, I've had this MyStart problem for a few days now. Click on NewTab and MyStart search engine pops up.

What I've found is that some firefox extensions are being modified. The two extensions on my profile were Pixel Perfect and Custom Buttons. To check, disable these extensions, reset variables with "mystart' in about:config and restart firefox. It"s possible that other extensions are involved, but I haven't decompiled the incredibar install yet.

The prefs.js file is modified in the pixel perfect and custom buttons extensions directory.





with the following line:-

user_pref("browser.newtab.url", "http://mystart.incredibar.com/mb178?a=6OyLHeQ6AI&loc=FF_NT");

Just remove these lines and hopefully everything should work again.

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May seem like performing about:config reset is clearing the browser.mytab.url. But once you restart Firefox..its back!!! So this doesn't work. So far I've used every removal tool known, hacked the registry clean. Its down to a re-install that blows everything away. Sure hope the sync does what its supposed to. I have maybe 1k bookmarks and 500 passwords. If you don't hear from me again, assume a painful (for me) re-install of FF worked.

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Update: I have ruled out the system, the inability to remove/reset browser.mytab.url is indeed a problem with FF 14.0.1. Whether its something left over from incredibar I can't find or FF has a bug where you can't reset browser.mytab.url is unclear. Creating a new profile resolves it so its leaning toward a bug. If people want access to the profile manager make a shortcut to Firefox and replace "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" with "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P in the shortcut. Then for now on you have a path to a test profile. Much faster I might add. So..I'm a little leary of reattaching to FF sync because of message warnings suggesting the server passwd and bookmarks get blown away in the initial sync if you re-attach the same device. Not cool. So I'm going to hack the passwd and bookmarks from the old profile into the new one.

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We published the video removal guide for Incredibar for various browsers including Firefox and Chrome. This solution works for the most variants. sometimes Incredibar comes with additional infections and causes even more problems. Video removal instructions shows clear and FREE removal way for the browsers. Video Guide to remove Incredibar from Firefox and chrome

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Just reinstall Firefox. That worked for me.

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1. Follow these steps from malwarebytes.org to install and run AdwCleaner by Xplode: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=113847&view=findpost&p=582275 . Be sure to use the "Donate" button when you're done.

2. Enter "about:config" in the Firefox address bar, then enter "incredibar" in the Search field. 'browser.newtab.url' should be the only preference that appears. Right click anywhere in that line and select "Reset".

You're done.

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Oops, not quite. browser.newtab.url kept being reset to an incredibar URL each time I restarted FF. I fixed this by retrieving a pre-incredibar copy of my C:\Documents and Settings\[my windows login]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[my FF profile] directory .

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If you do not keep changes after a restart then see:

Check if there is a user.js file in the Firefox Profile Folder.

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cor-el wrote: > Check if there is a user.js file in the Firefox Profile Folder.

I checked for this file before restoring the pre-incredibar backup of my profile folder, but I didn't find it.

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well brothers, there some files associate with clever "incredible bar". witch can not be removed under windows, must be remove under DOS, So..

I have solved already, form all my browser on my xp sp3 prof and windows 7, using spybot search & destroy 1.62 free.

Just download and install this software. You can download from myStart bar.

From spybot menus :

  1. Immunize all your browser and system
  2. Scan the system it takes about half an hour, if spybot asked something klick "Yes", in the windows spybot you can read all files associate with myStart, follow the instruction.
  3. Reboot your computer, before windows start, spybot will scan and cleaning your system, it takes about half an hour.

I am free from myStart....

You can uninstall the spybot, but before uninstall, you must copy Host file to your desktop, this file locate at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\Host, after uninstall spybot, paste the host file to original location above.

you can open this file using notepad you can read about 16.000 bad website, that harm our computer. good luck

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Well brothers myStar create some hidden files witch can only remove under DOS. I have cleaning all my browser using Spybot Search & destroy 1.62 Free

Just download and install this software from http://www.safer-networking.org. Firts thing you should have to do is: From Spybot menus:

  1. Immunize all your browser and system and click + green sign on top icon
  2. Scan the system, it takes about half an hour, then you can see on spybot window so many associate files with myStart. When spybot ask something, just click yes.
  3. Click "Fix above"
  4. Restart your system, before windows start, spybot will clean the system under DOS, be patient to wait about half an hour or less.

I have solved already, and success on my XP SP3 Prof and Windows 7

If you do not like spybot, just unsinstall, but you must copy host file to your desktop, file locate at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host. After uninstall spybot you copy and paste to original location above.

This host file does not harm your computer, and you can read this file using notepad. You can see about 16.000 bad web which harm our system at any chance while on line.

good luck

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Thanks a million...U're my lifesaver..I hate that bloody incredibar..Thanks God..i can finally get rid of it..thanks again :)

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In my IE(one infected from "mystart") browser,First, i removed the "MyStart:Incredibar" as one search provider. Tools>>Internet Options>>General Tab>>Settings(Change Defaults), Right click on "MyStart:Incredibar then click "Remove"..Second is, i went to control panel and i found this,something like that says "search core" thing..i never installed this from my computer so i decided to remove it from programs..I think it is one product of the that bitch "MyStart:Incredibar".. My IE is now back to normal...

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